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Workspace Hackathon - Create a pizza sales dashboard! (DO NOT DELETE)
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    Workspace Hackathon - Create a pizza sales dashboard!


    You just started an internship as a data analyst for a long-running pizza delivery service that operates in all of San Francisco. Your manager has assigned you your first project: developing a prototype dashboard that provides an overview of the business.


    Their recent data is a mess, so they have provided you with cleaner data from a few years ago. This data is distributed across four tables, three of which are joined together in the SQL cell below. For more information about the columns in each table, you can consult the data_dictionary.ipynb file in the data folder.

    Submission requirements

    The structure of the dashboard is up to you. You can opt for a series of plots, one large set of subplots, or any other format that you consider appropriate. Regardless of your choice, you will be required to provide an overview of the following:

    • Sales over different time periods (e.g., week, quarter, month).
    • Popular products and order sizes.
    • Peak hours for orders.

    Your manager has also encouraged you to include any other metrics that you feel would be helpful for them to monitor and grow their business.

    Unknown integration
    Data frameavailable as
    -- Join together order, order details, and pizza details data
    FROM 'data/orders.csv'
    LEFT JOIN 'data/order_details.csv' USING(order_id)
    LEFT JOIN 'data/pizzas.csv' USING(pizza_id)
    This query is taking long to finish...Consider adding a LIMIT clause or switching to Query mode to preview the result.