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Federico Di Pasquale

Federico Di Pasquale


Data Engineer

Prodware | Spain


My Portfolio Highlights

My New Certification

Data Analyst Associate

My New Project

Analyzing Industry Carbon Emissions

My New Certification

Data Engineer Associate

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My Work

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Data Engineer


Associate Data Analyst in SQL (previously Data Analyst in SQL)


Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL


Data Visualization in Power BI


Case Study: Analyzing Customer Churn in Power BI

My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

Data Engineer Associate

Data Engineer Associate

Other Certificates

Coursera & Google Google Data Analyst Professional Certificate

DataCamp Data Analytics with Power BI

DataCamp Course Completion

Take a look at all the courses I’ve completed on DataCamp.

My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Prodware | Jul 2024 - Present

Data Engineer


VASS | Sep 2023 - Jul 2024

Data Analyst | Power BI Developer

•Designed Power BI dashboards with AI charts, focusing on UX oriented design making them easier to use and understand, which helped in better decision-making. • Worked with complex data tables and sources (SAP, Data Warehouse, SQL Server Db) to create clear and efficient star schema models • Used advanced DAX and M language for solving business questions, improving data analysis. • Established a clear step-by-step process for creating reports, including initial planning, testing, and final adjustments, making report creation smoother and more accurate. • Communicated with various stakeholders to understand their needs and provided reports that matched their feedback.
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Estudio Dental Alto Palermo | Sep 2021 - Sep 2023

Data Analyst

• Created and managed a Power BI dashboards, delivering real-time business insights and driving data-driven decisions with SQL integration. • Re-structured the production timeline, achieving a 1-day reduction and 20% cost savings in shipping by selecting a more efficient courier. • Partnered with the company departments to rectify data issues, significantly reducing data errors and enhancing data integrity.

Autónomo | Mar 2020 - Aug 2021

Drone Pilot

Piloto VANT / UAV / Drone Filmación y fotografía aérea

Orquesta escuela de Tango & C.C Cucha! | Jan 2015 - Jul 2020

Co - Founder / Project Manager

• Directed and coordinated a cultural center, offering classes and events, using Excel and data visualizations for resource management and event scheduling. Enhanced cultural reach and community engagement through collaboration with schools and local entities. • Implemented data-driven decision-making processes by leveraging Excel and data visualizations, leading to improved resource management and optimized event scheduling. • Streamlined data management by implementing Notion and Asana, resulting in a 30% decrease in data errors.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Data Analyst | Data Engineer, Tecnología de la información  · (junio deDataCamp | 2023
Data Analytics Professional Certificate, Data Processing and Data Processing Technology/TechnicianCoursera | 2023
Piloto de Drones / VANT , Operador de VANT, Filmacion y fotografia aereaEscuela de pilotos y fotografia "Daniel Wagner" | 2021
Curso de mapeo con drones, Agricultura, actividades agrícolas y actividades afinesDrone e-Learning | 2020

About Me

Federico Di Pasquale

Data Analyst | PowerBI | Tableu | SQL | Python | RDBMS | Excel | DAX | M

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