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Martin Alvarez

Martin Alvarez


Data Scientist

Farmu | Colombia


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Advanced Deep Learning with Keras

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Keras Toolbox

Data Scientist with a master in applied statistics, passionate about learning while creating. Experience in industries such as Pharma, BPO, Logistics, IT

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Hypothesis Testing in Python


MLOps Concepts


Marketing Analytics: Predicting Customer Churn in Python

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Data Scientist


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Coursera Google Data Analytics

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Farmu | Mar 2023 - Present

Data Scientist

• Implemented supervised machine learning models for classification (customer churn prediction) and recommendation systems (medicine recommendation system). This has resulted in significant impact in users retention, and revenue increase. • Develop customer segmentation to identify behavior patterns and utilized multivariate statistics, including factor analysis, to uncover reasons for customer churn. • Designed ETL pipelines to perform various tasks, such as: - Removing duplicate entries in the customer database using natural language processing techniques. - Automatically generating periodic lists of high risk users for prioritizing attention, discounts, and visits. - Cleaning address duplicity by identifing similarities and proximity within locations. • Analyzed large datasets and executed complex queries using BigQuery to gain insights into medicine sales, distribution, and user retention. • Designed interactive dashboards to provide real-time visibility into operations, facilitating data-driven business decisions. • Automated performance reporting for commercial initiatives, eliminating a cumbersome manual process and enabling in-depth analysis for future initiatives. • Optimized and monetized data products to enhance laboratory sales penetration, pricing strategies, and market expansion.
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Lean Solutions Group | Jul 2022 - Sep 2022

Power BI Developer

• Develop dashboards in PowerBI to track and measure workforce productivity. • Define KPIs to track team performance/goal completion/seasonal results. • Design and implement the KPI data collection process without affecting the operations smoothness. • Get insights from operational results data to ensure job quality.

Lean Solutions Group | Jul 2021 - Jul 2022

Data Entry Specialist

• Receive and store transactional data from the logistics industry. • Submit periodical reports based on operational results for transportation carriers. • Generate alerts based on real-time information obtained from the transactions reports. • Guarantee smoothness of the operation and ensure that every delayed process must be reported in real-time.

Acer America Corp. | Apr 2020 - Apr 2021

IT Support Consultant

• Receive and process ACER computers warranty claims. • Ensure the correct functioning of all the software and hardware components of ACER customers. • Inform about Hardware component compatibilities & versions. • Diagnose and fix software-related issues.

My Education

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Master's degree, Applied StatisticsUniversidad del Norte | 2024
Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Mechanical Engineering  · (January 2017 - JulyUniversidad del Norte | 2022

About Me

Martin Alvarez

I am a Data Professional with a background in Mechanical Engineering and currently doing a Master's in Applied Statistics. My experience in Logistics, Retail, and the BPO industries has allowed me to bring a diverse perspective to business problems.

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