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Raghdah ShElnadree

Raghdah ShElnadree

Data scientist import, clean, manipulates, and visualizes data. I get hands-on with some of the most popular Python libraries, including pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib. Work with real-world datasets to learn the statistical and

Faculty of Computers and Information | Egypt


DataCamp Course Completion

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Introduction to Python


My Work Experience

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DataCamp | Invalid Date - Present

Member in E-Learning Training data science code


IBM | Invalid Date - Present

Data science orientation


Faculty of Computer and Information Technology (Menofia | Invalid Date - Present


University) | Jan 2016 - Present

Data Scientist


Meetup | Invalid Date - Present

Training and E-learning In machine learning and data science


My Education

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Trainer student at Datacamp, Coursera, IBM | Invalid Date
M.sc in computer scienceFaculty of computer and information | 2022
- Bachelor's degree in computer science department from faculty of computers and information sept...faculty of computer and information | 2010

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Raghdah ShElnadree

Data Science and Data analysis Solving problems Writing reports Create data visualizations Using Methods and Machine learning algorithms Statistical analysis

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