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Introduction to Power BI

217 reviews

Master the Power BI basics and learn to use the data visualization software to build impactful reports.

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Course Description

A Thorough Introduction to Power BI

In this 3-hour course, you’ll gain a 360° overview of the Power BI basics and learn how to use the tool to build impactful reports. In this course, you’ll go from zero to hero as you discover how to use this popular business intelligence platform through hands-on exercises. Before diving into creating visualizations using Power BI's drag-and-drop functionality, you’ll first learn how to confidently load and transform data using Power Query and the importance of data models. You’ll also learn to drill down into reports and make your reports fully interactive.

Learn the Power BI Basics

You’ll start by looking at some of the fundamentals of Power BI, getting to grips with Data, Model, and Report views. You’ll learn to load data sets, build a data model, and discover how to shape and transform your data with Power Query Editor. As you progress through the course, you’ll have access to hands-on exercises that can hone your skills. You’ll look at various visualizations, sort different data types, and learn to drill deeper into your reports.

Create Powerful Data Visualizations

Once you've covered Power BI in general, you can dig into its options for data visualization. Learn to choose the right visual for your dataset and type, how to make changes to follow visualization best practices and tell a strong story with your data, and learn to sort and format your data for clearer storytelling.
  1. 1

    Getting Started with Power BI


    Discover how to navigate this intuitive tool and get to grips with Power BI’s Data, Model, and Report views. You’ll load multiple datasets in the Data view, build a data model to understand the relationships between your tables in Model view, and create your first bar graph and interactive map visualization in Report view. You’ll also practice using Power Query Editor to prep your data for analysis.

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    Introduction to Power BI
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    Features of Power BI
    50 xp
    Views in Power BI
    50 xp
    Getting started!
    50 xp
    Loading existing reports
    100 xp
    Your first visualization
    100 xp
    Add a card
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    Slicers and Tables
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    100 xp
    More columns
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    Data Analyst in Power BI track
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    Visualizing Data

    It’s time to power-up your business intelligence skills! Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to change and format a wide range of visualizations, before moving on to sorting data and creating hierarchies—making it possible for you to drill into your reports.

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    In the final chapter, you’ll discover how to filter the information in your reports by location and control how these filters interconnect and interact with other visuals in your report.

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In the following tracks

Data Analyst in Power BIPower BI Fundamentals


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Sara is a graduate of a master's degree in Business Engineering and Marketing Analysis. Prior to working at DataCamp she worked as a Data Science consultant for a Belgian IT company. Sara is passionate about education, data science, and business and loves that she is able to combine all of these disciplines in her job as curriculum manager at DataCamp.
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from 217 reviews
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  • Daniel M.
    about 2 hours

    Was very good , learnt so much

  • Julie L.
    7 days

    Good review

  • Nasser G.
    10 days

    I enjoyed every lesson on this course especially the way it’s designed where it engages u into questions

  • Dejene W.
    12 days

    The video and the exercise are well organized and simple to understand and follow

  • Abiodun A.
    15 days

    Good introduction to power BI, my first time learning about power BI and I was able to understand the basic concepts and how it operates.

"Was very good , learnt so much"

Daniel M.

"Good review"

Julie L.

"I enjoyed every lesson on this course especially the way it’s designed where it engages u into questions"

Nasser G.


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