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Ved Antigen

Ved Antigen


University of Cologne


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Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

My New Project

Investigating Netflix Movies

My New Project

Predictive Modeling for Agriculture

AI aficionado, dancing with algorithms in the realm of possibilities.

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Investigating Netflix Movies


Supervised Learning with scikit-learn


Intermediate Python

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CVR Media (BID Insights) | Oct 2023 - Present

Software Engineer & Data Analyst

At CVR Media, I've been instrumental in developing advanced automation tools that have revolutionized our data management processes and streamlined browser interactions. By leveraging my expertise, we've been able to automate repetitive tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in our operations. Alongside this, I offer data analysis services to businesses, providing them with actionable insights and data-driven recommendations. My work has not only enhanced CVR Media's operational capabilities but has also empowered other companies to make informed decisions based on deep data understanding."
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Expense Reduction Analysts | Dec 2021 - Oct 2023

IT Administrator

As an IT Admin at Expense Reduction Analysts, a leading consultancy firm, I played a pivotal role in optimizing and streamlining our technological infrastructure. I was entrusted with the responsibility of managing our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, ensuring seamless interactions and data management for our clientele. In addition, I spearheaded several process automations that enhanced our work efficiency and reduced manual intervention. My role also encompassed conducting in-depth data analyses, deriving valuable insights that informed our business strategies and decisions.

My Education

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Bachelor in Economical Computer ScienceUniversity of Cologne | 2024

About Me

Ved Antigen

Experienced IT Administrator and Data Analyst, adept in CRM optimization and automation. Currently, I'm enhancing my expertise through a Business Informatics degree, focusing on data-driven solutions.

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