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Investigating Netflix Movies

140 reviews

Apply the foundational Python skills you learned in Introduction to Python and Intermediate Python by manipulating and visualizing movie data.

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Project Description

Explore Netflix movie data and perform exploratory data analysis for a production company to uncover insights about movies from a particular decade.

Project Tasks

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    Determine whether movie lengths are getting shorter.


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Data ManipulationData Visualization
Jasmin Ludolf HeadshotJasmin Ludolf

Data Science Content Developer, DataCamp

Jasmin is a Content Developer at DataCamp. After ten years as a global marketing manager in the music industry, she recently changed careers to follow her curiosity for data. Her passion is value exchange and making data science accessible to all.
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  • Oswaldo A.
    5 months

    This was great

  • Natalie C.
    3 months

    It was a good exercise to actually be able to do a project from scratch and code everything with guidelines on how to proceed. However, some of the instructions were unclear, others were not explicitly covered by the 2 initial courses and may have added to the complexity of the exercise for a complete beginner like me. It was a good experience overall, though.

  • Benjamin D.
    3 months

    Interesting and complete project, I would have liked to work on a little more python methods though.

  • Chi K.
    5 months

    instructions could be clearer

  • Federico B.
    5 months

    Interesting. More projects like this would be very beneficial for practical application.

"This was great"

Oswaldo A.


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