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Investigating Netflix Movies

Apply the foundational Python skills you learned in Introduction to Python and Intermediate Python by manipulating and visualizing movie data.

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Project Description

In this project, you'll apply your Python skills to answer a real-world question. You'll aim to discover if Netflix's movies are getting shorter over time using everything from lists and loops to pandas and matplotlib.

You'll also gain experience in an essential data science skill — exploratory data analysis. This will allow you to perform critical tasks such as manipulating raw data and drawing conclusions from plots you create of the data. Press play to begin!

Project Tasks

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    Determine whether movie lengths are getting shorter.


Python Python


Data ManipulationData Visualization
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Jasmin is a Content Developer at DataCamp. After ten years as a global marketing manager in the music industry, she recently changed careers to follow her curiosity for data. Her passion is value exchange and making data science accessible to all.
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