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Oluwagbotemi Adeen

Oluwagbotemi Adeen

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HouseRoi Digital | Nov 2021 - Present

Scrum Master / Project Master

Supported the Product Owner with the product backlog by suggesting that user stories are written using the INVEST criteria. Worked closely with the Product Owner to ensure that the product backlog is well refined and up to date. Facilitated scrum events such as sprint planning, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives by engaging team members and stakeholders as needed. Tracked and communicated team health and progress using metrics such as burndown charts, velocity charts, and capacity planning sheets. Reviewed/tested user stories to ensure they meet the acceptance criteria prior to User Acceptance Testing. Built and monitored KPI's and helped the team to make improvements to ensure the scrum team is working efficiently. Ensured quality control of the product backlog and the various sessions (sprint planning meeting, product backlog maintenance and estimation sessions and sprint review). Organized and ensured good artifact health, specifically the definition of "done" (DoD), and the proper conduct of ceremonies with the team. Coached individuals and the team on mindset and behavior with an emphasis on helping them understand "why" agile works, not just "how" it works. Led and mentored teams of business analysts, testers, developers, cross functional team members, subject matter experts and stakeholders to define and deliver projects to the scope, schedule, budget, quality, and client satisfaction measures. Guided and coached the Scrum Teams on how best to use Agile practices and principles to deliver high quality products and services to our customers. Facilitated and supported all scrum events: sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, backlog refinement, and sprint retrospective. Supported the teams to a high performing level by recognizing areas of strength and improvement and employing appropriate coaching and development techniques. Skills: Scrum . Agile Methodologies . Sprint Planning
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Everycourier, Hybrid | Sep 2020 - Jul 2021

Project Manager Scrum Master

Helped the team embrace the Scrum core values and adopt Agile principles and best practices. Helped remove impediments to the Development Team's progress, and work with the Scrum team, outside teams, vendors and the organization's leadership by allowing the team to remain focused on achieving their Sprint objectives on time. Helped the team improve and take responsibility for their actions by allowing the team to become better problem-solvers themselves. Continuously challenged development practices in order to improve performance in the areas of productivity, quality, predictability, flow, and velocity supported by the analysis of metrics. Helped the team focus on daily and Sprint goals in the context of the current Product Roadmap. Reinforced the Scrum Team's agreed lightweight set of rules which included Scrum rules, processes and practices supporting quality, CI/CD, WIP, Definition of Ready, Definition of Done. Helped the Product Owner in their management of the backlog, including priorities, scope, resourcing and timescales;and ensured the Team are committed to the plan based on collaborative agreement. Guided the team in establishing normalized estimates and helped the team understand how to estimate functional and non-functional requirements. Facilitated retrospective estimate analysis to improve future estimation activities. Worked toward improving our continuous delivery release process in collaboration with development, Quality Assurance (QA) and operations. Maintained and updated squad process metrics and artifacts to ensure accurate and transparent communications to Product Owner and stakeholders. Skills: Scrum . Agile Methodologies . Sprint Planning

DirectBuy Ng, Hybrid | Nov 2019 - Aug 2020

Project Manager Scrum Master

Advised, coached, and led Agile teams on Agile values, practices, and processes and ensures that the Agile team is fully functional, productive, and focused. Focused on providing guidance on agile mindset and practices, self- organization, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Proactively supported the Product Owner to ensure team is focused on sprint goals. Helped the team create value and products with quality. Cleared the runway so that the team can meet the quarterly objectives. Work with the team, create the tools to measure success and recognize progress. Recognized areas of strength and improvement by employing appropriate coaching and development techniques for team members Strived for continuous improvement both for self and for the team. Recognized opportunities for automation and other tools & processes so that the team can deliver more effectively. Contributed to improve agile management best practices within the organization to help maintain and promote agile management practices. Identified dependencies with other teams and determines how to manage those dependencies without impacting the progress of the team. Participated and collaborated in cross functional planning sessions to raise milestones, issues, dependencies, etc. Provided a high level of relationship management, resolve conflicts and enable discussions between stakeholders, management, co-workers and team members with varied interests. Rigorously facilitated communication and collaboration inside and outside the teams. Provided feedback, coach and mentor team members while also contributing the same to the Scrum Master community of practice. Foster a continuous learning environment helping teams to inspect and adapt. ? Prepare and deliver Executive level presentations; facilitate workshops; handle complex questions from varied audiences.

Driversng | Mar 2018 - Jun 2018

Assistant Project Manager

Recruited 50 new drivers in Port-Harcourt Metropolis. Trained 50 new drivers on safe driving practices. Onboarded 50 new drivers on the company's Web application. Managed the twitter account of the branch @driversngph

AgroEXpand, Remote | Feb 2018 - Present

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Review software requirements and reports shared by the business team. Reviewing functional specifications, and user stories and coming up with a comprehensive test plan strategy in an agile development environment Testing new applications/features & modifications to existing functionality. UI/UX testing of Web-App Test script development, test execution, defect logging, and tracking. Carrying out Smoke and Sanity test on developed builds and also Regression tests on all software applications and systems after code changes are being made by the developers. Validating released software modules as they are deployed to production. Reporting all software bugs discovered in the system and retesting after debugging by the developers to confirm bug fixes. Preparing Test Summary Report (TSR) and sharing the report with developers.

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), ChemistryUniversity of Ilorin | 2017

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Oluwagbotemi Adeen

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