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Data Manipulation with pandas

126 reviews

Learn how to import and clean data, calculate statistics, and create visualizations with pandas.

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Course Description

Discover Data Manipulation with pandas

With this course, you’ll learn why pandas is the world's most popular Python library, used for everything from data manipulation to data analysis. You’ll explore how to manipulate DataFrames, as you extract, filter, and transform real-world datasets for analysis.

With pandas, you’ll explore all the core data science concepts. Using real-world data, including Walmart sales figures and global temperature time series, you’ll learn how to import, clean, calculate statistics, and create visualizations—using pandas to add to the power of Python.

Work with pandas Data to Explore Core Data Science Concepts

You’ll start by mastering the pandas basics, including how to inspect DataFrames and perform some fundamental manipulations. You’ll also learn about aggregating DataFrames, before moving on to slicing and indexing.

You’ll wrap up the course by learning how to visualize the contents of your DataFrames, working with a dataset that contains weekly US avocado sales.

Learn to Manipulate DataFrames

By completing this pandas course, you’ll understand how to use this Python library for data manipulation. You’ll have an understanding of DataFrames and how to use them, as well as be able to visualize your data in Python.
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    Transforming DataFrames


    Let’s master the pandas basics. Learn how to inspect DataFrames and perform fundamental manipulations, including sorting rows, subsetting, and adding new columns.

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    Introducing DataFrames
    50 xp
    Inspecting a DataFrame
    100 xp
    Parts of a DataFrame
    100 xp
    Sorting and subsetting
    50 xp
    Sorting rows
    100 xp
    Subsetting columns
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    Subsetting rows
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    Subsetting rows by categorical variables
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    New columns
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    Adding new columns
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Data Analyst with PythonData Manipulation with PythonData Scientist with PythonPython Programmer


Amy Peterson
Adel Nehme
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Intermediate Python
Maggie Matsui Headshot

Maggie Matsui

Curriculum Manager at DataCamp

Maggie is a Curriculum Manager at DataCamp. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Computer Science from Brown University, where she spent lots of time teaching math, programming, and statistics as a tutor and teaching assistant. She's passionate about teaching all things data-related and making programming accessible to everyone.
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Richie Cotton Headshot

Richie Cotton

Data Evangelist at DataCamp

Richie is a Data Evangelist at DataCamp. He has been using R since 2004, in the fields of proteomics, debt collection, and chemical health and safety. He has released almost 30 R packages on CRAN and Bioconductor – most famously the assertive suite of packages – as well as creating and contributing to many others. He also has written two books on R programming, Learning R and Testing R Code.
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  • Jose B.
    about 19 hours

    Was a really great course.

  • Gonçalo S.
    5 days

    This course is just amazing!!!

  • Mária N.
    8 days

    Course was great and full of new information!

  • Mariya S.
    12 days

    Very interesting and intensive course

  • Adesina O.
    13 days

    The bite-sized content was a large part of why I was able to complete the program

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"Was a really great course."

Jose B.

"This course is just amazing!!!"

Gonçalo S.

"Course was great and full of new information!"

Mária N.


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