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Ashutosh Malgaonkar

Ashutosh Malgaonkar

Senior Data Scientist

United States Army Reserves


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H&R Block | Mar 2022 - Present

Senior Data Scientist

- Led a team of visualization developers and data engineers in the development and productionalization of complex incentive compensation methodologies -Created methodology for retention prediction using markov chain modeling. - Invented the concept of using machine learning for customer profiling without customer information in order to create dynamic pricing processes - Created a stochastic prototype algorithm to predict daily returns with a mape of 17% - Proposed a reinforcement learning architecture to insert an NLP algorithm as an agent in to the company’s intelligent tax assistant where the assistant would be the environment and the nlp algo would be rewarded for maximizing customer satisfaction from survey and other metrics -Created a 10X stochastic model to wipe out high MAPE from models such as Facebook prophet for time series - Architectured an anomaly detection system to meet demand - Wrote the architecture for distributing the load of an integer formulation problem algorithm across several computers simultaneously. This architecture was implemented and reduced the time of the algorithm from days to 3 hours -Wrote an idea based on Robert Engle’s(2003 Nobel Prize winner) work in econometrics on assymetry in the distribution around a time series. The idea was to use probability of the (direction, magnitude) to alter the forecasted value, thereby reducing overall error because of asymmetry. - Wrote a proposal on how to implement Bayesian learning to improve coupon impact -Developed an econometric framework to model out the company’s revenue generating activities. This framework was developed after I explained the changes in new client growth using Robert J Shiller's (Nobel Prize Winnner 2013 Economics) work on irrational exuberance - Worked in Azure Databricks to analyze whether the intent to return lead to a customer actually returning in coming years -Developed a standardized methodology to compare “work in progress”/wip over time period
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ThreeBridge Crew (merging with Turnberry Solutions) | Jun 2021 - Mar 2022

Sr. Data Scientist

Charter Communications - Data Science, Analytics and Web Development Used splunk log data to create a process to test the health metrics of the customer verification API process. Devised a unique and innovative methodology to perform API testing by matching the query and response in splunk and had a consultant write it. Utilized Tableau and PostGRESQL to build dashboards to analyze various survey metrics

Towards AI | Jan 2021 - Present

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Research

Project Articles Published with TowardsAI publication: -https://pub.towardsai.net/markov-algorithm-for-time-series-2563cad7d54c? sk=757c26ecdd40cdb097bafb0e2b2abd73 - https://pub.towardsai.net/forecasting-electricity-production- probabilistic-time-series-algorithm-from-scratch-2449eed70ace? sk=58ff25712cd98892fabc893501cd1a0c - https://pub.towardsai.net/predict-prime-numbers-error-convergence-using- data-science-da9360d2d4eb?sk=3dc86ee86a2c93ecc56ac9e99465017e - https://pub.towardsai.net/machine-learning-cdbf0047af06? source=friends_link&sk=8a0fcfdf1cab95e78ff726e9fe3bdc18 - https://medium.com/analytics-vidhya/breast-cancer-prediction-with- geometric-mean-classification-with-probabilistic-optimization-2e2988cb8bd1? source=friends_link&sk=1636dd225be0ea8ba5701e0e431fdf1c - https://pub.towardsai.net/machine-learning-c84c2795c296? source=friends_link&sk=443aa6fd69c43373ddacd0c4d1c2354c - https://pub.towardsai.net/multidimensional-data-modeling- in-python-to-automate-3-way-match-8641c5f29671? source=friends_link&sk=353cc4d0176e0f90f627f6e10672a6a1 - https://pub.towardsai.net/can-multiple-linear-regression- be-improved-with-instance-level-statistics-27282e6a7070? source=friends_link&sk=a0f31dc3972f68b72751a60546e2310a - https://pub.towardsai.net/how-to-use-weka- to-predict-thyroid-disease-e8571c9330d4? source=friends_link&sk=b979967b9ced2017723c98b82ccaaa2e - https://pub.towardsai.net/how-to-write-a-statistical-learning-model-in- excel-to-predict-whether-a-bank-note-is-fake-or-not-992c996ef883? source=friends_link&sk=d6812b5703d3992ac680149b803164fd - https://pub.towardsai.net/geometric-mean-classifier-for-iris-dataset- ed83209f54f3?source=friends_link&sk=4de3c36ca3de54a9eddd350c4c9ed6fc

SimpleTire | Jan 2021 - Jun 2021

Head Of Merchandising Analytics

- Devised a methodology to manage pricing changes relative to macroeconomic factors by creating a price index - Created an Orders at a Loss Reporting Package to find the root causes for orders at a loss across the company to improve merchandising performance -Launched a Merchandising KPI Dashboard in PowerBI that will be used throughout the year to track performance on orders and improve the frequency of losing orders as well as the margin of a winning order -Wrote a proposal on how to analyze email marketing effectiveness analysis -Pioneer of the reverse ETL business case

SimpleTire | Oct 2019 - Jan 2021

Data Scientist For Pricing (Product Owner of Competitive Intelligence Capability)

supplier cost decrease Shared with Simpletire a methodology to perform conditional probabilities EDA(exploratory data analysis) and performed EDA on google analytics data to find insights Wrote an algorithm to calculate the network density of the SimpleTire Installer Network and built the dataset to calculate this density. This allowed for the strategic expansion of the installer network. Developed the business case for a new web scraping strategy and then executed the company’s competitive pricing intelligence strategy, and scaled/ automated it to outperform the previous one used 100x Managed and led the Extract-Load-Transform(ETL cloud) process from MySQL to Snowflake through matillion and finished all processes which involved over 50 different tables within weeks which was an improvement from a process that usually would have taken many months. Created the company’s relational algebra data model to enable the pricing, finance, marketing team to quickly analyze data at any level in the company through one single source that the entire company then used for all major crossfunctional projects. These projects improved the efficiency of analytics projects 1000 times over because it allowed automation from a single source. Created the Algorithm to produce unique and consistent tire sizes and led/ managed the creation of a product screening tool with alteryx and excel to screen tires Created a pricing analytics process to quickly identify negative margin transactions to help the the company improve margin. Researched and built the steps to devise an algorithm to understand the price elasticity of tires and enable pricing decisions to improve margin. These margin improvements lead to results across channels, for example, one major channel went from a negative margin to +2% margin and improved daily sales from 80 to 100k+

US Army | Oct 2018 - Feb 2020

Company Commander

Led a company sized element of troops and provide assistance with missions to provide training to the army

Greencastle Consulting | Jul 2019 - Oct 2019

Data Manager

developing and pitching the details of a close to automated process using dimensional fact modeling - Worked with client IT to develop/engineer an automated process for General ledger extraction and then coached an associate consultant on it - Refined several data cleansing processes by developing automations for them

Johnson & Johnson | Mar 2018 - Mar 2019

Lead Data Scientist - Global HQ Team

Proposed a data pipeline with the potential to reduce the COGS of 2 billion dollars Revolutionized source to settle analytics through self invented business applications of data modeling techniques in Alteryx to measure time in procurement, emotion of the customer/requester and cost. Created the first of its kind source to settle analytical data model in alteryx Applied Machine Learning techniques to predict cycle time of transactions Applied Bayesian techniques to exploratory analysis to determine best variables for future analysis

SEI | Jan 2016 - Jun 2016

Lead Solutions Architect For VIA Opturo

Discovered previously unknown statistical techniques in the field of data processing and analysis in order to create a perfect reconciliation algorithm which laid down the foundation of all modern data reconciliation methodologies Use .bat methodology to distribute the algorithm Wrote a pipe-delimited file creation algorithm for automated etl processing

Ascensus | Oct 2014 - Oct 2015

Solutions Architect

Designed an innovative pipeline to invoice multiple plans at one time by developing an automated model

US Army | Jan 2013 - Oct 2014

Manager of Data Science, Intelligence Analysis and Operations

Platoon 50+ soldiers on several missions over the course of the year Worked with other officers to deliver expectations Managed the property/inventory for all equipment

EY | Oct 2012 - Oct 2013

Transaction Advisory Services Consultant

Invented a process to audit capital equipment value depreciation utilizing s- shaped lifing curves

Johnson & Johnson | Jun 2010 - Jan 2011

Finance Analyst

Finance Analyst Budgetary Responsibilities: -Developed the 2011 budget for the Supply Chain and Quality Assurance functions by gathering, assembling, and analyzing data to prepare budget estimates, develop alternatives, and make recommendations to resolve budget/funding problems -Reported and explained the variance between the 2010 budget and the actual spending,thereby demonstrating the ability to analyze and evaluate continual changes in program plans and funding and their effect on financial and budget milestones. Supply Chain: -Consolidated and reported the worldwide profit in inventory in order to determine the overall profit needed to be eliminated Internal Audit: • Tested journal entries to ensure compliance with SOX

US Army | Jul 2008 - Present

Director Of Data Science, Analysis and Operations

In charge of providing processes to enable the smooth flow Discovered and applied prediction techniques to enable decision making

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Master of Business Administration - MBA, Business Administration and Management, GeneralJack Welch Management Institute | 2021
Dual Degrees (BS), Econometrics and Quantitative Economics/ AccountingPenn State University | 2012
Upper Darby Senior High School | 2006

About Me

Ashutosh Malgaonkar

ANALYTICS AND DATA SCIENCE LEADER with experience in managing teams and spearheading data-centered initiatives to solve complex business problems, enhance customer experiences, and drive strong business performance and revenue growth.

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