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Streaming Data with AWS Kinesis and Lambda

Learn how to work with streaming data using serverless technologies on AWS.

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Course Description

What powers the systems that we use every day without realizing, like fraud detection to keep our transactions secure or traffic signals that keep traffic flowing smoothly? The answer is streaming data (data that is continuously generated by different sources) and serverless technologies—like Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda.

In this course, you’ll learn how to leverage these powerful technologies by helping a fictional data engineer named Cody. Your goal is to help her to collect real-time streaming data from city-owned vehicles, analyze the data, and send relevant alerts like speed warnings to drivers. Using Amazon Kinesis and Firehose, you’ll learn how to ingest data from millions of sources before using Kinesis Analytics to analyze data as it moves through the stream. You’ll also spin up serverless functions in AWS Lambda that will conditionally trigger actions based on the data received. By the end of this training you’ll know how to create live ElasticSearch dashboards with AWS QuickSight and CloudWatch—and hopefully helped Cody complete her ambitious project.

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    Streaming in the cloud


    In this first chapter, you will learn about the differences between batch and stream processing, create your first stream, manage its permissions, write to it and read from it.

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    What is streaming and why does it matter?
    50 xp
    Batch vs stream
    100 xp
    Producers and destinations
    100 xp
    Managing Firehose delivery streams
    100 xp
    Getting ready for the first stream
    50 xp
    Creating roles
    50 xp
    IAM users vs. roles
    100 xp
    Permissions practice
    100 xp
    S3 bucket creation
    100 xp
    Working with the Firehose delivery stream
    50 xp
    Create your first Firehose stream
    100 xp
    Writing to a Firehose stream
    100 xp
    Reading Firehose data
    100 xp


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Introduction to AWS Boto in PythonIntroduction to ShellStreaming Concepts
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Maksim Pecherskiy

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Maksim is a Data Engineer at the World Bank, and formerly the Chief Data Officer at the City of San Diego. He also works with tech companies to help them effectively connect technology to government. he came to the US from Ukraine when he was 10 years old, lived in 5 countries and speaks 3 languages.
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