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Ammar Taimoori

Ammar Taimoori

Data Engineer



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Introduction to Python

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Data Analyst

Champion of data integrity, ensuring accuracy in the age of information overload.

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

HackerRank HackerRank SQL Gold Badge

Google Google Cloud (CloudSeekho) Certification

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My Work Experience

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CEE-Solutions | Mar 2021 - Present

Software Engineer

With a background in computer science and 2 years of experience in data science, I've excelled in leading and executing innovative projects. My expertise in computer vision and deep learning, combined with my proficiency in Python, Flask, Tableau, Numpy, Tensorflow, PyTorch, and Plotly Dash, has enabled me to tackle complex projects such as object and ID card detection, anomaly detection, and inferential statistics. My strong grip on DBMS, including Oracle SQL and MySQL, further strengthens my abilities in managing and analyzing vast amounts of data. I am passionate about leveraging data to drive business success and make a lasting impact.
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My Education

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BS in CSUniversity of Karachi | 2021

About Me

Ammar Taimoori

CS grad with 2 yrs data science experience. Skilled in Python, Flask, Tableau, Numpy, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Plotly Dash. Proficient in DBMS, Oracle SQL & MySQL. Passionate about turning data into actionable insights & driving business success.

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