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Analyzing online ticket sales with Amazon Redshift

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Understanding Data Science


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Analyzing online ticket sales with Amazon Redshift

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Splendora ISD | Jun 2019 - Present

Elementary School Teacher

Teaching using Engineering and Data Analysis Tools. * Teach 5th grade Math and Science for bilingual (Spanish/English) students applying strategies for multiple learning styles. * Teach coding using code.org. Teach web development using Wix and Wordpress. * Develop Data Analysis solutions coded in Python (pandas, Numpy, seaborn, matplotlib) to create data analysis and data visualization tools that improve the teaching effectiveness. Develop Data Pipelines to handle data efficiently and effectively, reducing time to get actionable data. * Apply differentiated strategies to transform conflict into learning opportunities and build solid teams to achieve common growth. * Continuous communication with students and parents to model best practices and ethical conducts to create intrinsic motivation and raise expectations among involved parties.
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Tyler ISD | Dec 2017 - Jun 2019

Elementary School Teacher

* Teach 3rd grade math and science for bilingual (Spanish/English) students. I achieved 115% growth goal for math according to District's measuring tools. * Use of Data Analysis and Data Science coding with Python (using pandas, numpy, matplotlib, reportlab and seaborn) to quickly detect strengths and reinforcement-required areas in students, improving effectiveness in teaching strategies and reducing time to get actionable data. * Increase of students' skills set, by starting and managing a Coding Club in the school, improving students' chances for the jobs of tomorrow.

Infoponics | Aug 2017 - Present

Founder. Data Science Developer for Predictive Analysis

* Startup CEO and CTO. * Developed cutting-edge financial strategies using Python, R, VBA, Microsoft Excel, SQL, Scipy, pandas, numpy, and others * Created summary visual reports by combining Data mining and Data Visualization tools using python libraries such as matplotlib, seaborn, bokeh, plotly, D3.js (mpld3), etc. * Use of prompt engineering with AI tools like ChatGPT and GPT-4 to reduce time to create and improve functionalities in software. Conducted comprehensive data collection, cleansing, and analysis using a variety of tools, including Python, R, matplotlib, seaborn, Bokeh, D3.js for data visualization. * Employed state-of-the-art Time Series Analysis techniques using Technical Analysis and Backtesting on multiple instruments. Implemented and tested a range of Machine Learning algorithms based on Linear and Exponential regression models to predict the success probability of the data models for trading strategies.

Aitnovva S.A. | Jun 2015 - Dec 2016

Private Investor / Technology Director

Startup Investor * Define company’s technical strategy, prioritize investments and budget management * Customer Relationship Management and retention. * Use of Data Analysis and Visualization to promote products that included Automation for Oil and Gas companies, IoT, IP Networks. Skills: IoT, cloud services, responsive apps, Network design, Data Analysis, Product Management, Project Management, Sales.

Huawei Technologies | Dec 2014 - May 2016

Solution Responsible for Oil and Gas Account

Work with Sales and Technical Teams to propose Telecom & Surveillance solutions for Oil and Gas Industry in Venezuela (PDVSA and partner companies). Meet customers and manage CRM to open opportunitites and succesfully close existing proposals. Meet several KPIs regarding sales targets and marketshare. Increase industry's awarenes about Huawei's leading Industry Solutions. Work on technical proposals for Transmission Networks (MW, WDM and Fiber Optics) Strengthen proposals with Data Analysis and Visualization strategies. Skills: CRM, Project Management, MW, WDM, FO, eLTE, IP, IoT, Data Centers, Wireless Network, Network Engineering.

Huawei Technologies | Oct 2013 - Dec 2014

Solutions Sales Manager

Defining technical solutions for transmission and transport networks, for both fixed and mobile network operators. Using Huawei's technologies and equipments, propose innovative solutions that solve customer's needs, and participate as a trusted provider for preparing customers network for planned growth. Skills: IP Network, SDN, MW, DWDM, FO, Data Analysis and Validation, CRM, Product Management. More specific activities include: • Customer Relationship Management, with high and mid level managers, coordinators and technical staff. • Solutions presentations to several departments on each customer company. • Network design with several Transmission solutions, including Microwave links, OTN, DWDM and SDH. • Customers' Network Data Analysis • Solution responsible for customer's bidding processes (RFQs and RFPs). • Homologation tests to introduce new equipments in customer's networks. • Integrate Layer 1 to 3 solutions, and define best practice's standards for interconnecting networks. • Prepare quotations and BOQs with Huawei's quotation software (Unistar). • Design DWDM networks with MDS software (Fiber Optics and Optical Networks design)

Telecomunicaciones Movilnet | Nov 2011 - Apr 2013

Technology Evolution Consultant

• Study worldwide Mobile Network Operator’s trends and participate in the proposal of high level technical solutions for business initiatives, such as QoE, DPI, cloud computing, VAS, LTE, EPC, M2M, WiFi offload, OTT strategies, Analytics and Small cells. • Analyze technical proposals from different equipment suppliers in order to evaluate their feasibility for Movilnet’s Network. • Preparation of technical documents and their respective presentations with the objective of propose and discuss new trends and ideas. Make presentations to internal departments regarding these proposals. • Participation in multidisciplinary teams in order to plan the evolution for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Network Analytics (Big Data), Packet Core, IPv6 migration, synchrony network, mobile IP backhaul and related technologies. Skills: CEM, cloud computing, IP and Wireless Networks, LTE, IoT, Analytics, Data Visualization, WiFi, MS Excel, VBA.

Telecomunicaciones Movilnet | Apr 2005 - Nov 2011

Transmission Engineering Coordinator

In this position, I was responsible for a team of 6 engineers and two outsourced staff. This role came at the peak of voice traffic growth, where heavy investment, hard work and planning were required to overcome the huge traffic demand. In 2005, I led the effort to migrate from a TDM (E1s and MW only) network into an SDH network, an aggregation model that reduced the time required to put cell sites on service, increasing effectiveness and helping the big network upgrade taking place. Later, starting at 2007, I also led a second network upgrade along with some coworkers, this time from SDH to IP/MPLS, again managing change into a more effective business model. Knowledge management was a crucial activity as high staff rotation and new technologies being deployed, demanded for actions to be taken to reduce the learning curve of new personnel. Skills: MW, SONET, SDH, IP and Wireless Networks, L2/L3, Data Analysis, SQL, VBA, MS Excel, Project Management, Budget Management, Database Administration. My main responsibilities included: • IP/MPLS, SDH, MW and ATM networks planning, dimensioning and engineering for transport of the mobile network traffic with nation wide scope. • Project Management for coordination related projects. • Network Data Analysis • Tx Data Base Administrator • Responsible for access network's transport engineering in the country's capital and east region. • RFQ and RFP writing for the acquisition of equipment and materials associated with the network, both as private and state owned company. • OSS evaluation for transmission networks, needed to improve information management inside the department. • Constantly evaluating new products and solutions for transmission networks from a variety of providers, including SDH, IP/MPLS, Optic Radios, Point to Multi Point Radios, Hybrid MW Radios, and DWDM equipment.

My Education

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Digital Telecommunications Specialist (All courses completed), Telecommunications EngineeringUniversidad Central de Venezuela | 2003
Bachelor of Science (BS), Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Engineering in Electronics with Computer ScienceUNEXPO Barquisimeto | 1998

About Me

Aroom Gonzalez

Engineer in Electronics with experience in Data Science, Telecom Networks, Automation and Oil & Gas Industry. Looking for a job where my skills and my inquisitive attitude helps the company achieve/surpass goals. Bilingual Spanish/English.

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