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Aviral Aggarwal

Aviral Aggarwal

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My Work Experience

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Uniphore | Jun 2021 - Present

Data Engineer/Analyst

- Work closely with data annotation providers to produce high-quality sales meeting videos for training internal machine learning(cv, tonal, and nlp) models - Create scripts to preprocess/clean training data, including formatting transcripts and trimming/editing videos and then load files to and from internal postgres databases and aws ec2 instances - Work closely with UI team to identify bugs throughout the platform by regression testing frontend and looking closely using sql to pinpoint specific issues across all tenant/customer dbs, especially when new records/meetings are added to the database - Create large datasets to train nlp models that create "key moments" through webscraping using selenium, beautifulsoup, cleaning the data and loading to internal dbs
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University of California, Riverside | Oct 2019 - Jun 2020

Grader/Reader for UCR Economics Department

-Graded assignments , midterms, final papers, and final exams for Labor Economics and Macroeconomics Courses

ServiceNow | Jun 2018 - Sep 2018

Software Engineer Intern

-Enhanced ServiceNow back-end Test Framework API code to support the latest product release (Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, Maven) - Improved functionalities and stability of hundreds of JUnit tests on Firefox and Chrome browsers

MobiMic LLC | Jun 2017 - Sep 2017

Software Engineering Intern

scraping using Golang - Utilized Docker, Packer, Terraform, and Amazon Web Services to allow easy access and updates on production code, streamlining the environment set-up process

My Education

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Bachelor of Arts - BA, Economics/Administrative Studies   in EconomicsUniversity of California, Riverside | 2021

About Me

Aviral Aggarwal

Hi! I'm an aspiring machine learning scientist who holds a Bachelors in Economics and is currently working at a startup that specializes in sales analysis using nlp, cv/deep learning for state of the art empathy classification. Python, SQL, R, Excel.

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