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Christopher Kusha

Christopher Kusha

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Competition - HR Analytics in Tableau


A Visual History of Nobel Prize Winners


Introduction to Python

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dev10 | Oct 2022 - Jul 2023

Data Associate

● Visual Metrics & Presentation Dashboards: Generated a 25% increase in stakeholder engagement and understanding by transforming complex data insights into captivating visual narratives and interactive dashboards using Power BI and Tableau. ● Incorporated data-driven insights into impactful PowerPoint presentations, effectively communicating complex information to stakeholders of diverse technical backgrounds. ● Data Cleaning & Analysis: Accelerated data analysis processes by 40% through expert data cleaning and manipulation on massive datasets using SQL Server and Excel. ● Implemented rigorous data quality enhancement measures, resulting in a substantial 30% decrease in analysis errors, significantly improving data accuracy and completeness. ● Dataset Web Scraping: Boosted research capabilities by 40% through proactive expansion of comprehensive and relevant datasets, using Python to gather data through APIs and web scraping, enabling extensive and in-depth analysis opportunities. ● Learning & Development: Designed and engineered an interactive and user-friendly study tool for the data engineering training program, utilizing a Tkinter-based interface in Python.
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Self-employed | Feb 2016 - Oct 2022

Poker Professional

● Career Earnings: Earned over $350,000 in career earnings through skillful analysis of opponents and player gaming styles and employing game-theory-optimal strategies. ● Achieved exceptional results in high-stakes tournaments, including earning 27th place in Las Vegas’ 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event in a 6,737-player field. ● Profit Optimization & Strategic Decision-Making: Data-driven adjustments contributed to an impressive 40% increase in hourly win-rate within 5 months. Generated $195,000 within 3 years for over 40 investors and stakeholders engaged in profit-sharing agreements. ● Data Analytics: Conducted meticulous data analysis on playing habits, KPIs, and performance metrics, benchmarking against industry professionals and adapting strategies.

College of Staten Island, City University of New York | Nov 2009 - Feb 2018

Adjunct Mathematics Professor

● Data-Driven Education: Performed rigorous statistical analyses to evaluate the effectiveness of various teaching approaches, ensuring data-driven improvements in lectures and workshops. Resulted in improving the overall program passing rate to 85% within 2 years. ● Program Optimization: Developed and refined the Intermediate Algebra curriculum by implementing data and technology to foster higher student engagement, resulting in an 8% increase in average test scores.

College of Staten Island | Nov 2009 - Jun 2012

Mathematics Tutor


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Bachelor of Science - BS, Mathematics in MathematicsCity University of New York-College of Staten Island | 2009

About Me

Christopher Kusha

Professional Poker player/former Math adjunct professor with a mind for problem solving learning Data Analysis/Data Science as a career transition.

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