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Chung-Yuan Liang

Chung-Yuan Liang

PhD Candidate

Purdue University | West Lafayette, Indiana, USA


Problem-solving virtuoso, decoding complexity with a data-driven approach.

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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My Work Experience

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Purdue University | Jan 2022 - May 2023

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Course: CE 54900 Computational Watershed Hydrology - Online - Prepared tutorials and assisted 20 students in learning GIS and hydraulic software Course: CE 34000 Hydraulics - Holding office hours and preparing assignments for 180 students to learn hydraulics.
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Purdue University | Aug 2020 - Present

Graduate Research Assistant

– Developed Python packages and unit tests to process millions of geospatial points/grids. – Parallelized computing processes with Dask and made 3.25 speedup with 0.81 efficiency. – Devised a generative model (GANs) to create river geometries and reduce prediction errors by 50%. – Cooperated with a team to integrate tools with an interactive website used by 10+ government agencies.

National Taiwan University | Oct 2018 - Jun 2020

Research Assistant

Project: Development and Application of Platform of Multi-Hydrodynamic Models with Ensemble Simulations at Urban Areas – Cooperated with teams from 3 institutes to compare features between numerical hydraulic models. Project: Economic Benefits Assessment (EBA) for Reservoir Watershed Conservation Strategy in 2019 – Worked with USACE to build an economic cost-benefit assessment framework for engineering projects. Project: Feasibility Evaluation of Introducing Water to Hou-Cun Channel in New Taipei City. – Designed feasible pipe routes for water resources management by HEC- HMS and SWMM models.

My Education

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Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Civil Engineering  · (August 2020 - DecemberPurdue University | 2024
Master of Science - MS, Electrical and Computer EngineeringPurdue University | 2024
Master of Science - MS, Civil Engineering/Hydraulic EngineeringNational Taiwan University | 2017
Bachelor of Science - BS, Civil EngineeringNational Taiwan University | 2015

About Me

Chung-Yuan Liang

I am seeking a full-time 2024 summer internship in software development, data science, or research.

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