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Dave Rintoul

Dave Rintoul


Business Intelligence Analyst

Kaiser Permanente


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My New Track

SQL Fundamentals

My New Track

Keras Toolbox

I've prepared for my next role in data science by taking courses from MIT and Wharton to get the business acumen and DataCamp, Coursera and vendor courses to develop my technical skills.

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Introduction to TensorFlow in Python


Introduction to Deep Learning in Python


Intermediate SQL


Advanced Deep Learning with Keras


Keras Toolbox


SQL Fundamentals

My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Data Literacy

Data Literacy

Other Certificates

Alteryx Alteryx Advanced Designer

Tableau Tableau Desktop Specialist

AWS Cloud Practioner

Snowflake Snowflake Hands On

Neo4j Neo4j Developer

Dataiku Dataiku (Core, Advanced, Developer, AI Practitioner)

Databricks Databricks Fundamentals

DataCamp SQL Fundamentals

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Charles Schwab | Mar 2023 - Jun 2023

Cybersecurity Analyst

• Alteryx Optimization: Applied industry-standard best practices, employed advanced In-Database tools, and performance-tuned queries using SQL diagnostics, resulting in workflow runtimes that previously took 8+ hours to complete being reduced to under 45 minutes which met server resource constraints. • Compliance app: Developed an Alteryx meta-application that assessed compliance with design standards. This app also suggested opportunities for improvements which increased efficiency and workflow maintainability for all users. • Cybersecurity Dashboard: Within two weeks, built a Tableau dashboard urgently requested by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This dashboard visualized cybersecurity assessment coverage and identified gaps in compliance. It facilitated preparation for an external audit, ensuring the firm's adherence to security standards. • Secure Workflows: Orchestrated Alteryx workflows, SQL stored procedures and Tableau extracts, meeting desired frequency requirements while ensuring confidentiality, data integrity, and availability.
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Primo Water North America | Oct 2022 - Feb 2023

Senior Business Analyst

• Governance Framework: Designed a comprehensive framework standardizing practices, implementing security protocols such as Tableau row- level security and provisioned user access controls for the Tableau Server environment. • Tableau Dashboards: Utilizing Tableau, created and delivered custom dashboards designed to measure the performance of key channel partners, including Costco. These dashboards – which were shared with business partners – provided visually compelling representations of trends, enabling stakeholders to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. • Advanced Analytics Tools: Introduced Dataiku, Python and Jupyter Notebooks to the organization as advanced analytics tools. These tools facilitated Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) by enabling data exploration, modeling, and collaboration. Adopting and integrating these tools improved the quality of reporting and analyses.

Evernorth | Feb 2022 - Jul 2022

Data Governance Strategy Advisor

• Enhanced Visual Presentations: Supported the Center of Excellence team delivering visually compelling and impactful presentations by leveraging advanced Tableau visualizations. • Expanded Tableau's Capabilities: Through XML, Python, and visualization expertise, extended Tableau's functionalities, delivering complex vizzes such as network and Sankey diagrams. • Streamlined ETL: Wrote Python scripts to simplify loading test data into Neo4j and Stardog databases, improving efficiency and facilitating graph database evaluation.

The Walt Disney Company | Mar 2021 - Oct 2021

Cybersecurity Data Engineer

• AWS Cloud/MySQL Solution: Built a solution using AWS Cloud and MySQL that eliminated manual cut-and-paste errors, improved data accuracy, and eliminated human error. Additionally, it enabled the Enterprise Vulnerability team to triage threats eight times faster. Process time was reduced from 10 hours weekly to less than 15 minutes daily. • Machine Learning for Vulnerability Prediction: Applied machine learning techniques to predict critical vulnerabilities before they were officially classified by NIST. This early detection allowed for proactive remediation, mitigating risks more than two days earlier, before they impacted operations. • Collaboration with Security Automation & Orchestration Team: partnered with the Security Automation & Orchestration team to deliver a vulnerability knowledge base. This knowledge base consolidated information from prominent industry sources such as Mitre, Qualys, and Tenable. Centralizing this information created a comprehensive resource for vulnerability management, facilitating faster and more informed decision-making.

Centene Corporation | Jan 2020 - Feb 2021

Senior Business Intelligence Application Developer

• Transformed data accessibility: Developed an intuitive Alteryx app enabling customized dataset downloads, eliminating routine requests for data, and empowering users to self-serve retrieval of the data they needed quickly. • Data enrichment for targeted outreach: Leveraged public domain datasets to enrich company records with geographical and demographic data, enabling precise member outreach during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. • Maximizing license value: Created an eLearning module to assess Alteryx user readiness, ensuring expensive licenses were utilized effectively and reserved for users who had demonstrated proficiency through Alteryx's Academy.

Better Dive Pro | Dec 2004 - Jun 2020

Dive Safety Trainer & Instructor Development

• Ran my own diver safety training company and trained individual and instructor candidates at leading commercial diving companies, public aquariums, and universities • Recognized by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and DAN (Divers Alert Network) for productivity (100 PADI Certs in 2009; 72 DAN Certs in 2013).

WellCare Health Plans | Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

model to predict Medicare complaint escalations by scoring membership length, re-enrolments, claims processed, and customer service interactions with a 94%+ true positive rate. • Impacted Member Retention: Integrated the model into a targeted retention campaign, resulting in a remarkable 30% YoY increase in member retention.

The Florida Aquarium | Oct 2017 - Jan 2018

Manager of Guest Marine Programs

• Visualized statistics from guest participation programs (Tableau) to identify opportunities to reduce staffing levels while retaining amazing personal experiences and meet safety standards

Lindblad Expeditions | Aug 2016 - May 2017

Dive Safety Consultant

• Developed Candidate Evaluation tool in Microsoft Access (Visual Basic for Applications) to normalize experience and certifications for comparison; also authored first Dive Safety Manual

Texas State Aquarium | Feb 2016 - Jul 2016

Dive Safety Officer

• Developed and deployed Health and Safety eLearning (Adobe Articulate) to 100+ candidates • Built equipment service tracking application using MS Access (VBA) to ensure proper maintenance schedules for over 1,000 pieces of occupational dive gear

Oregon Coast Aquarium | Jun 2015 - Sep 2015

Seasonal Dive Safety Officer

• Improved animal care report quality by researching markings, gathering video content and producing eLearning to teach staff and volunteers how to identify individual sharks

CPR Northwest Washington - Seattle | Mar 2014 - Jan 2015

CPR & First Aid Instructor

• Contract Instructor for Basic Life Support (BLS), CPR and First Aid (FA) to American Heart Association standards

Accelecare Wound Care Centers | Jan 2014 - Jul 2014

Hyperbaric Technician & Safety Director

• On-call hyperbaric technician and acting Safety Director

Space Needle | Mar 2014 - Jun 2014

Security Officer

• Customer service, crowd control, visitor safety, security screening, loss prevention, and emergency response coordination

American Hyperbaric Center | Mar 2013 - Jun 2013

Hyperbaric Technician

• Practiced clinical care for wound care patients receiving treatment in multi- place hyperbaric chambers

Intrepid Learning, Inc. | Jul 2012 - Sep 2012

Instructional Designer

• Developed contractor onboarding eLearning modules for Amazon.com using Adobe Articulate

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Graduate Certificate, Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecu...MIT Professional Education | 2020
Graduate Certificate, Business Analytics: From Data to InsightsThe Wharton School | 2020
Graduate Certificate, Six Sigma Green Belt for General IndustryVillanova University | 2009
Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer EngineeringUniversity of Waterloo | 1992

About Me

Dave Rintoul

After splitting my time between data engineering and data analysis for many years, I'm now looking for a full-time data science role. I love data science for its problem-solving, constant learning, impactful outcomes, and room for creativity.

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