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Enrique Ávila

Enrique Ávila



University of London | Recife, Brazil


My Certifications

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Data Analyst


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Google Professional Certificate Data Analyst

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My Work Experience

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Freelance | Feb 2010 - May 2022


• Website development for a candidate for councilor. I improved the quality of the code allowing a better indexing. Visits to the website increased by 150%. • Website development and SEO for a candidate for deputy. 1000% increase in traffic by the end of optimization and we achieved 30% more appearances in the media. • Videos and social media tag for a regional council candidate. ** SPORTS ** • I developed an application to track the progress of my clients. My clients' satisfaction improved by having access to all their data online. • I developed an application for the assessment of my clients that measure HR, maximum strength and recommending the best training. This saved me +100 hours of work per month. • I participated in a team in which we developed a web application for the registration of referees and their evaluations for the handball federation. Saving many hours of work that previously had to be done manually. ** BUSINESS ** • We developed a web application for a car wash that allows the management and payment of the service. • I did a branding work for a fitness centre in Toronto. The online conversion rate increase in 56%.
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Androides | Jan 2021 - Mar 2022


Web development, branding and data tracking for various companies. In the projects I participated in, we increase the average online sales of our clients by 30%

FitBalance | Jan 2017 - Nov 2021

Web Programmer

• Website development. Improve SEO by 236% and online conversion rate by 200%. • Applications development. I created an app that tracks client progress, calculates heart rate, and recommends appropriate training. This saved at least 10 hours a week from our coaches.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, EconomicsUniversity of London | 2025
Bachelor's degree in Economics and FinanceThe London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) | 2025
Preparador Físico Universidad Santo Tomás (CL) | 2010
Pedagogía en Educación Física Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello | 2007

About Me

Enrique Ávila

Economics and Finance Student | Data Analyst Certified CIEE + Google

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