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Fouad Trad

Fouad Trad


PhD Candidate

American University of Beirut


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My New Course

Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch

My New Course

Advanced Deep Learning with Keras

My New Course

Image Modeling with Keras

Simplifying data science concepts, one step at a time

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Introduction to ChatGPT


Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in Python

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Reinforcement Learning with Gymnasium in Python

4 hours15 Videos52 Exercises470 Learners

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My Education

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Doctor of Philosophy - PhD in Artificial Intelligence & CybersecurityAmerican University of Beirut | 2026
Master of Engineering - MEng in Computer & Telecommunications EngineeringLebanese University - Faculty of Engineering | 2021
Master 2 of Research - M2R in Technology of Communicating, Medical, and Industrial SystemsLebanese University - Faculty of Engineering | 2021

About Me

Fouad Trad

Fouad is an experienced ML engineer, researcher, and educator, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in applied ML, with a focus on cybersecurity applications. His talent lies in simplifying complex data science concepts, making them accessible to everyone.

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