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Gabriel Garcia

Gabriel Garcia

Data Analyst

Rockstart Solutions


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Competition - Supply Chain Analytics

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Introduction to Python


Competition - Supply Chain Analytics

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Rockstar Solutions | Jan 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

At Rockstar Solutions, we believe that data drives decisions, and the right decisions propel organizations forward. We are looking for a dedicated Data Analyst to help us extract meaningful insights from our data, transforming raw figures into compelling visualizations that tell a clear story. Key Responsibilities: Data Extraction and Cleaning: Extract data from multiple sources, especially SharePoint, ensuring the information is accurate, timely, and consistent. PowerQuery Utilization: Use PowerQuery to streamline data transformation and manipulation processes, ensuring data is structured appropriately for analysis. Dashboard Development: Design, develop, and maintain interactive dashboards in Power BI that visually represent data insights, trends, and patterns, helping the organization make informed decisions. Database Organization: Effectively organize, categorize, and maintain databases, ensuring data integrity and accuracy. Data Storytelling: Translate complex data into clear, concise, and actionable insights for a wide variety of audiences, from technical experts to executive leadership.
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