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Boehringer Ingelheim | Jul 2023 - Present

Project Lead Snowflake Implementation and DWH Migration

Together with the EU countrys (business), the Data and Platforms lead and I will be working on migrating the current datawarehouse and datamodels to Snowflake.
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Boehringer Ingelheim | Jan 2022 - Present

Project Lead Customer Experience KPI Dashboards MIDI

In the role Project Lead Customer Experience KPI Dashboards for MIDI, I am responsible for - The development of the Multi Channel Cyle Plan dashboard for European Countries; NL, BE, PT and Nordics. - Datamodelling, based on CRM, Salesforce and Salesdata from the Datawarehouse - Creation of DAX-measures in Powerbi - Extract Transform and Load of data from the datawarehouse in Powerquery - Training of stakeholders and users - Dashboard requirement planning and agile development of functionalities - Building visualizations based on Key Performance Indicators. - Stakeholder management - SQL - Business analist - Data analist - Datawarehouse - Business Intelligence - Business Analytics

Boehringer Ingelheim | Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

Sales Reporting, Data & Analytics Project Lead

In the role of Sales Reporting, Data & Analytics Project Lead I am resposible for - DTAP - Development of Reports in PowerBi and Tableau - Development of Datamodels, in PowerBi and Tableau - Connecting to the datwarehouse with custom SQL-queries (Tableau) or PowerQuery. - Performing Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) to retrieve data from Datawarehouse - Support the Business with their reporting needs - Training of users in Self Service Reporting usage - Full ownership over Tableau Self Service Server Reporting - Sales and CRM based report development and deployment - Linking pin between sales managers, Data & IT teams and platforms - Stakeholder management - SQL - Business analist - Data analist - Datawarehouse

TriFinance Nederland | Jan 2022 - Present

Senior Mentor

In this role I am resposible for the mentoring of three collegues. We have regular talks where we refelect on progress and development of their core competencies.

ROC Midden Nederland | Jan 2022 - Present

Projectmanager Data & Innovatie


TriFinance Nederland | Jun 2021 - Mar 2023

Young Innovation Boardmember

I am part of the TriFinance - Young Innovation Board <35 years. In this role we have regular discussion with senior leadership on company strategy, plans and reflection. We have an active participative role representing the company in our monthly board discussions.

Boehringer Ingelheim | Apr 2021 - Mar 2022

Project Lead Tableau Implementation & Business Reporting NL

Intelligence Reporting tool with regards to Tableau and Power Bi, I am responsible for - Writing and executing an Agile Project management based plan - Change management based on Kotter's theories - Front-end Development Tableau - Front-end Development Power BI - Datamodelling for Sales Based reports - General Business Supporting questions with regards to analytics requirements

TriFinance Nederland | Mar 2021 - Present

Expert Manager Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA)

In the role of Expert Manager Business Intelligence and Analytics I am tasked with and responsible for; - The development of the Business Intelligence and Analytics Proposition. - The development of the Digital Finance Proposition - Responsible for aquisition of new assignments for consultants and myself - Responsible for account management of clients in portfolio - Tasked with growing our current clients with regards to BI&A - Responsible for contract negotiations - Tasked with finding specialized partners with regards to expertise and specialties - Training consultants and guiding them to become BI-consultants/Digital Finance Consultants - Development of a learning track and path for consultants - Marketing on Social Media, Blogging, Video, Podcasts - Performing onsite assignment at customers with regards (50%) - Project Management Responsibilities - Business Controller Roles - Business/Data Analist Roles - Proposal writing - Performing in take calls with clients to determine projectneeds - Setting op projectplans - Hosting Clubhouse - Managing multiple internal and external projects at the same time. - Forecasting, margin and budgeting responsibilities - Managing Consultant - Principal Consultant - Business Analist - Data analist - Controller - Control - Projectmanagement - Data management - innovation - PowerBi - Tableau - Qlik - Sales - Business Develoment

TriFinance Nederland | Mar 2021 - Present

Expert Manager Record to Report (R2R)

Three pillared client partnering proposition. Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA) - Front-end developement, deployment, maintainance of PowerBi & Tableau Reporting. Record to Report (R2R) - Fast Close - Close Automation - Consolidation Complexity 2 Reduce (C2R) - Hyper Automation & RPA - Utilization of PowerPlatform stack - Low code/No Code

Citylab010 | Feb 2021 - Feb 2023


In the role of CityLab jury member we are tasked with evaluating (60-75) business plan and scoring them based on their feasibility, measure of innovativeness and societal impact. We have around 3mio euros to divide between the highest scoring projects.

TriFinance Nederland | Jan 2019 - Mar 2021

Sr. Project Consultant

In this role I have been able to carry out various fun assignments in addition to the assignments at the customer(s) in recent years. I have loved the opportunity to share knowledge with colleagues in the form of Knowledge Circles, such as knowledge sharing about PowerBi and reports or Agile Project Management. In the future I would want to expand this to Podcasts, Vlogs and perhaps a talk show that will initially be aimed at the internal organization and then perhaps at external parties. My love for Data (Science) is now known by a large number of colleagues. As a result, at the end of 2019 I started as (second man) in the RadarGroep Tri4data and together with colleagues we were able to develop a wonderful proposition for improving the information provision of an organization using PowerBI. In December of the same year we were allowed to pitch this idea, I love presenting and I took the moment to pitch our fantastic ideas. The result of our work was impressive and we won the first prize. In 2020 I will be developing the proposition together with my core team. In addition to my assignment, I write blogs in the margins of the day, I review proposals and we have consultations to improve the process and the proposition

de Vereende | Jun 2020 - Jan 2021

Business Controller | Data Analyst

In the role of Business Controller, I was tasked with and resposible of - Managing and maintaining datasets in Access with(out) SQL - Setting up the budget based on data - Maintaining various input sheets for the business - Directly supporting the CFRO on data drive adjustments to Access and Excel - Supporting in the monthly reporting proces.

Connekt | Jan 2019 - Jun 2020

ERP Project Manager (Agile)

In the role of ERP project manager, my job was to re-implement Connekt's entire EPR and WFM tools. The processes that have been redeveloped include the entire P2P, O2C, R2R, HRM and Business Intelligence process. The project was carried out using the Agile DSDM method, which means that you can build, test, implement and fully deploy functionalities without seriously disrupting business processes. Technical competences are of great importance and a helicopter view is necessary, practical and soft skills are perhaps of even greater importance. You must also be able to make a deep dive with the aforementioned helicopter. During this project I was able to learn a lot about software development, project management and process improvement.

Connekt | Jun 2017 - Jun 2020

Business Controller

In the role of Business Controller, - Was responsible for reporting on various project, including a multimillion program for the government - Responsible for reconciliation of accounts and various ledgers - Responsible for billing of customers - Full planning and control cycle including, budgeting, control planning and monitoring of performance - Monitoring the development of the strategy from a finance perspective. - Partnering with the business to answer business cases and perform checks on the forecast

TriFinance Nederland | May 2017 - Present


Guiding colleagues in developing certain competencies by conducting context- specific conversations and sharing knowledge and experience.

TriFinance Nederland | Feb 2016 - Dec 2018

Project Consultant

Spring 2016 - Mortgage Analysis and Processing - Argenta 2016 - 2017 - Project Controller - Connekt 2017 - Present - Controller - Connekt

Young UP | Aug 2012 - Aug 2018

Business, Finance and Informations

I have been involved with Young UP since 2012 and ever since i've been tasked with managing the financials as a member of the board. In 2015 however, I had decided that it was time to take on a new challenge. After doing plentiful of self reflecting I discovered that being in a more general role might better suit me. Therefore I've been installed as the center for Business and Informations. I am tasked with working together with all board members in order to create, develop, implement Strategic Objectives and -ever so important in achieving these. In order to do so, I have worked on developing a functional, effective and efficient method for decision making and control. Furthermore I am developing reports, structure and overall basic management structure of the organization to support these activities. The ultimate goal is to have a optimal basis in order to constitute and nurture further growth, in line with the ever increasing ambitions of the organization. We have begun to develop our own Yearly external reports to further involve stakeholders, which will include a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, CSR-statements etc. We are working on implementing a CRM-Tool and a ERP-system, while further developing projectmanagement and projectcontrol to support these. The aforementioned complex activities are only a few of the projects we are working on in order to create a sustainable, transparant, effective and efficient organization which is able to guarantee quality. You might say that this is a hobby going to the extreme as I work for the organization on a voluntary basis. However I believe in our mission and I am challenged by working with these inspirational people. Finally giving back to the community is one of the things I consider to be of the utmost importance.

Young UP | Jan 2017 - Feb 2018

Voorzitter Raad van Toezicht


Connekt | Jun 2016 - May 2017

Project Controller

Carrying out the complete project administration from A-Z for various projects with complex financing flows with public and private funds. Experience with Cash and Co-financing. Timely invoicing and reporting of the financial progress of the programs and projects. Drafting, processing and checking purchase contracts. Optimizing various registration processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Responsibility for the project administration and the resulting accountant documents. Project controlling for three major projects for the semi-public and private sector. - Top Sector Logistics - Lean and Green - Logistics, Personal Mobility and Tools - ITS Netherlands - and other programs.

Argenta | Feb 2016 - Jun 2016

Mortgage Analyses & Processing (a.i.)


Sundio Group | Jul 2015 - Jan 2016

(Sales) Representative / Locations Coordinator


SBM Offshore | May 2014 - Apr 2015

Jr. Cost Controller

As of april 2014, I started to work at SBM Offshore. During this period I was still finishing up on my studies at Nyenrode Business University. Officially I was hired to work as a Junior Project Controller. In practice I was tasked with many various projects and assignments. These were -and not limited to the following; -The planning and control on three intercompony multi-millon loans in foreign currency. -Creation, maintenance and benchmarking of a Cash Flow Forecast on the basis of inputs from Cost Controllers and figures provided by the Yard entity. -Periodic and ad hoc grafical reporting for management (Cost Controls Manager and Finance Director). -Creation of the ‘cash request to reconciliation' and supplementary tools in Excel and Visio. -Maintain communication with various stakeholders, getting information Just- in-time, evaluation, benchmarking of data from various inputs. Working as a Key Driver in alignment between various covering information sources and teams. -Internal Auditing of the Execution Centre and of a Sister Company, evaluating this process and the submission of various improvements. During this period I also wrote my thesis on analyzing, auditing, benchmarking, improving Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Proceses. All worked performed and communication were in english as this was the company's official language. After a period of one year, I had decided to explore other opportunities to further develop soft skills, self reflect and to go travel for a undetermined period.

BAM Bouw en Techniek | Jan 2013 - May 2014



BAM Bouw en Techniek | Jun 2011 - Dec 2012

Jr. Information Manager


Racktime BV / Het Instituut voor Sales Talent- CatchYourTalent | Aug 2009 - Jul 2011

Junior Accountmanager

Working as jr. Account manager has thought me skills I will make use of my entire life, it has given my personal development an enormous boost. In the two years I worked as a jr. Accountmanager I was responsible for the first floor contact with the customers mostly in a Mediamart or in their stores. We promoted our products while we tried to educate customers about new and better products all in favor of creating a good relationship for sales and keeping in mind future sales. I have done assignments for the following high grade retailers. * HP * Navigon * Staatsloterij. The fun part of being a account manager is to show our customers 'why' they should acquire or consider our product, it's all about the experience and the added benefit they gain from it. Even though we sold products that were going to be used on the short term we would always consider the relationship with the costumer on the long term and that is what made our approach work.

BAM Bouw en Techniek | Jun 2010 - May 2011


Internship (june 2010 - january 2011) During my study at the University of Applied Sciences at Rotterdam I was supposed to do an Internship. I was lucky to get placed at BAM techniek - Industrie. During my Internship I was tasked with multiple assignments such as; managing Accounts Payable and Receivable. Evaluating and describing processes and other administrative tasks. Administrator (january 2011 - june 2011) During this period I assisted the controller with multiple analyses of our maintenance unit to improve the overall efficiencies. Furthermore I started my research on the primary processes.

Deloitte Nederland | Jan 2010 - Jan 2010

Accountancy Experience


Bell Marketing | Mar 2009 - Apr 2009

Call Agent


My Education

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Executive Master of Finance & Control - RC, Accounting and Business/ ManagementNyenrode Business Universiteit | 2023
Master's degree, Accounting and Business/ManagementNyenrode Business Universiteit | 2020
Summer School, Strategic Management: Competitive Strategy and Game TheoryThe London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) | 2016
MC, Managerial Controlling / Business economics / Economie en management / Economie en zakelijk b...Nyenrode Business University | 2015
Minor, Business Administration / EconomicsBishop's University | 2012

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