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Data Manipulation with pandas


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ITV | Aug 2021 - Jan 2022

Data System Analyst

The project was about data transfer from the old/ monolith service to the new microservices architecture (including DB clean up and mapping). I was responsible for costs/payments mapping. - Together with PO, the design team and Business SMEs gathered the business requirements for future service: who will use it, how it should look like, what kind of data must be available, and so on. - As the source system was not documented at all, created the as-is documentation for it, mostly through the meetings and workshops with the SMEs. - Went through the database to define what kind of structured data is valuable and what can be mapped later or never. Defined outliers and mistakes of different sorts. Created lists for data cleansing and got approval from the business SMEs. - Went through unstructured data (comments) transferred it to structure data (used several DA/DS practices: data cleaning, stemming, NLTK, and so on). Got approval from Business SMEs and mapped to the destination system interface. - Created test tasks for developers including BDD acceptance criteria and test data. - Wrote the test plan. - Tested everything after mapping following the test plan. - Created a full set of the documentation for the project (specifications, user documentation, and so on). Results: all costs/ payments data was mapped accurately and on time. Following business needs and ODRL rules.
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Nordea | Dec 2016 - Aug 2021

System/ Data Analyst

- Defined the set of features and scope of work to be done for every iteration (following SAFe). Broke features into stories and tasks, prioritized and aligned the defined scope with the team resources. As a result, the team was achieving the goals every iteration and all planned values were delivered to the customers. - Analyzed internal processes and provided input on intelligent solutions to improve proficiency, all problems and impediments were solved before they could affect the workflow. - To create stories and tasks, identified the key stakeholders, and gathered business and system requirements with a set of BA practices and tools: workshops, questionaries, brainstorms, and so on. - Based on the gathered information, created clear for understanding stories with defined business values. - Conducted presentations of the results of each iteration on the bi-weekly demos. Also, provided presentations of the system to the new clients and co- workers as a part of the process of onboarding. - Identified resistance and performance gaps, and worked to develop and implement corrective action, so there were no impediments. - Tested the developed APIs using Postman. Participated in various stages of testing (mainly UAT). Together with the web analytics department, tracked (and still tracking) user activity on the project site (using Adobe Analytics). Based on the analysis data, advised a plan/recommendation for improvement of the external portal content, look, and feel (in the process of implementation now). - Built friendship and mutual understanding within our distributed team. I made sure that business representatives and developers understand each other and work together to achieve the common goal.

Sober One — People Evolve | Mar 2021 - Jul 2021

Business Intelligence Analyst

Volunteering for the project. - Gathered requirements to understand the business need for the dashboards. - Designed and implemented dashboards following the gathered requirements (MySQL, MariaDB, Metabase, Google Data Studio, Python, Pandas). - Provided business and technical advice based on gathered data, that helped to clarify the users’ behavior and positively affected churn and retention.

Qoden Technologies | Jan 2017 - Nov 2018

Business System Analyst

Fully remote position. - Interacted with customers, product owners, stakeholders, developers, managers, and all other interested parties in order to elicit requirements and priorities. - Transferred gathered business requirements to the functional requirements: mockups, objects and properties, use cases, all possible flowcharts and diagrams (UML, BPMN, etc) to help developers understand the business needs of the customer and develop the proper functionality. - Partially tested of the final result (UAT). - Maintained customers' good attitude, collected and worked with feedback. - Developed the documentation templates. - Worked on several projects at the same time. Projects were from different fields: Fintech, sound making, advertising, newsmaking, and so on. - Kept all project documentation neat, clear, structured and requirements mapped and tracked.

RAIDIX | Sep 2015 - Nov 2016

Technical Writer

- Developed, modified, and maintained the full set of documentation for the Linux based system (RAIDIX Storage) for every release, including Administrator's Guide and Installation Guide in English and Russian (around 1500 – 2000 pages total). - Provided/ worked on localization, interface translation, API. - Developed documentation for presale, support, and marketing departments (upon request). - Developed and implemented online help from the scratch: requirements, tools, migration. - Developed stylesheets and documenting procedures for internal use. - English/ Russian proofreading and reviewing.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, Computer Science and Data ScienceThe Open University | 2021
Bachelor's degree, LinguisticsHigher Administrative School of St.Peterburg's Administration | 2006

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