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Adrián Infantes Romero

Adrián Infantes Romero


Machine Learning Engineer

BBVA AI Factory | Madrid, Spain


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My New Notebook


👋 Hello and Welcome to my Profile! I'm not a robot🤖 created with AI. I am an AI engineer, dedicated to transforming complex challenges into innovative and effective solutions. As a Machine Learning Engineer, I integrate data science, artificial intelligence and a special focus on NLP to create solutions that make a difference. I'm here to make your visit fast🚀, entertaining and productive💻.

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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing







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AI Fundamentals

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Data Literacy

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BBVA AI Factory | Jan 2024 - Present

Senior - Machine Learning Engineer

Main Functions: - Refine large language models for financial sector specific applications, working in both Azure environments and on-premises servers for experimentation and rapid development. - Use both Azure tools and open source software for handling and analyzing large data sets, looking for trends and improvement opportunities in financial services. End-to-End Workflow - Combine Azure Data Lake for large-scale warehousing with local preprocessing tools, such as Python scripting, to prepare data for analysis. - Use Azure Machine Learning for large-scale training and local resources, such as dedicated GPUs, for rapid prototyping and NLP model experimentation. - Deploy solutions both on Azure Kubernetes Service for scalable applications and on-premises servers for full control and compliance with specific security or privacy requirements. Automation and CI/CD: Integrate Azure DevOps for automation in the cloud and tools like Jenkins for CI/CD in on-premises environments, while maintaining agility in model development and deployment. Featured Projects - Dual Environment Fraud Detection System: A system that utilizes both cloud and on-premises resources for highly effective fraud detection, achieving a significant reduction in fraudulent incidents. - Hybrid Approach Credit Optimization: Improved accuracy of credit evaluations through a system that integrates big data analytics in Azure and machine learning algorithms developed and tuned locally. - Multi-Layer Sentiment Analysis Platform: Utilizing Azure Cognitive Services and open source NLP tools for deeper and more nuanced sentiment and emotion analysis, improving the customer experience.
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Ecoembes | Feb 2020 - Jan 2024

Mid - Machine Learning Engineer

Features - Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to create chatbots that deliver natural and effective interactions. - Use of ML algorithms to categorise images in waste sorting projects, improving waste management efficiency. - Implementation of optimisation techniques and advanced algorithms to improve waste collection routes, increasing operational efficiency. Workflow Data collection and pre-processing: - Use of Azure Data Lake to store collected data. - Data pre-processing and transformation with Azure Data Factory. Model Development and Training: - Development and training of machine learning models for image classification and route optimisation using Azure Machine Learning. - Leveraging AutoML capabilities for more efficient and accurate models. Deployment and Monitoring: - Deployment of models in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to manage demand and ensure availability. - Performance monitoring of models in production with Azure Monitor. Re-training Automation: - Automation of the retraining process with Azure Functions, integrating with Azure - Machine Learning to manage the full lifecycle of models. Management and CI/CD: - Version and model integrity management with Azure DevOps. - Implementation of A/B testing and CI/CD workflows to optimise solution delivery.

HP | Jan 2019 - Feb 2020

Mid - Data Analyst (Printing Category)

Features: Data Collection and Integration: Collect, integrate and clean data from various sources to build a comprehensive data repository for analysis and detection of market trends. Advanced Data Analysis: Application of statistical techniques to analyze data, identify patterns and generate actionable insights for product improvement and strategic planning. Database Management: Administration and optimization of SQL databases, guaranteeing efficient data recovery processes in collaboration with database teams. Visualization Development: Creation of intuitive data visualizations and dashboards to effectively communicate findings to stakeholders. Collaboration with Product Teams: Work closely with product development teams, providing data-driven insights to guide the development of customer-focused features and improvements. Market Trend Analysis: Trend analysis to identify emerging opportunities. Reports and Documentation: Preparation of detailed reports and comprehensive documentation outlining the findings of data analysis. Featured Technical Projects: Development of a comprehensive data repository that facilitates advanced analysis and detection of market trends. Creation of intuitive visualizations and dashboards that facilitate the effective communication of analytical findings to stakeholders. Technologies and Tools: Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Looker Studio for data collection, analysis, visualization and management. Python libraries: pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, statsmodels, SQLAlchemy for advanced analysis, database management and visualization development. Feedback tools and performance metrics, trend analysis tools, reporting tools and documentation for market trend analysis and reporting.

HP | Jan 2016 - Jan 2019

Junior - Data Analyst (e-Sports Category)

Features: Market Analysis: In-depth analysis of E-Sports market data to identify trends, consumption patterns and growth opportunities. Audience Segmentation: Development of detailed audience segmentations using advanced analysis techniques to understand preferences and behaviors in gaming. Marketing Campaign Optimization: Optimization of marketing campaigns through data analysis to maximize ROI. Social Network Analysis: Monitoring and analysis of the brand's presence and performance on social networks and digital platforms to improve engagement. Data Management and Visualization: Database administration and development of intuitive visualizations to communicate key insights to stakeholders. Competition Study: Detailed analysis of the competition to identify marketing strategies and online presence, and improve the positioning of our products. Dashboard Development: Creation of detailed dashboards to monitor the performance of campaigns and strategies. Predictive Analysis: Application of predictive modeling techniques to anticipate future trends in the gaming sector, allowing dynamic adaptation to the market. Featured Technical Projects: Development of advanced audience segmentation strategies that provide detailed insights into consumer preferences and behaviors in the gaming field. Creation of detailed dashboards to monitor the performance of campaigns and strategies, facilitating data-based decision making. Technologies and Tools: Market analysis tools, Google Analytics, CRM systems, Social network analysis tools, SQL, MongoDB, Tableau, Competitive analysis tools, Reporting tools such as Tableau, and predictive modeling techniques for data analysis, management and visualization, and development of marketing strategies.

My Education

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Master's degree in Gen AI & Deep LearningMIOTI | Tech & Business School | 2024
Master's degree in Smart Solutions (IOT)MIOTI | Tech & Business School | 2023
Master's degree in Big DataMIOTI | Tech & Business School | 2021
Bootcamp in Ciencia de Datos & AIHACK A BOSS | 2021
Bachelor Degree in Computer ScienceUniversidad Camilo Jose Cela | 2020
Higher Level Training Cycle in Online Multiplatform Application DevelopmentU-tad | 2019

About Me

Adrián Infantes Romero

Hello and Welcome to my Profile! As a Machine Learning Engineer, I integrate data science, artificial intelligence and a special focus on NLP to create solutions that make a difference. I'm here to make your visit fast, entertaining & productive

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