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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

Data Analyst

Bushland ISD


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Bushland Junior High School | Jun 2022 - Present

Data Interventionist

Key Responsibilities: Data Analysis: Collect and analyze student data from various sources, including standardized tests, classroom assessments, and attendance records. Identify trends and patterns in student performance and attendance to inform intervention strategies. Collaborate with teachers and administrators to gather insights into specific student needs. Individualized Intervention Planning: Work closely with teachers, counselors, and other staff members to develop individualized intervention plans for students experiencing academic challenges. Set clear, measurable goals for each student based on their data analysis and needs. Monitor the progress of students in intervention programs and make necessary adjustments to plans. Implementation of Interventions: Provide direct support to students through one-on-one or small group sessions. Utilize research-based strategies and resources to deliver targeted interventions that align with the needs of each student. Foster a positive and supportive learning environment to help students build confidence and motivation. Progress Monitoring: Continuously assess and evaluate the effectiveness of intervention strategies. Maintain accurate records of student progress and intervention outcomes. Collaborate with teachers and parents to share progress updates and discuss strategies for improvement. Professional Development: Stay informed about the latest educational research, strategies, and best practices related to data analysis and intervention. Attend workshops, training sessions, and conferences to enhance knowledge and skills. Communication and Collaboration: Foster open communication with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure a coordinated approach to student support. Participate in team meetings, data review sessions, and school improvement initiatives.
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Bushland Middle School | Aug 2020 - Sep 2023

Leadworthy & Careers Teacher


Bushland Elementary School | Jan 2015 - Sep 2023

Science Teacher/ District Robotics Program Coordinator

I officially became an employee of the district in August of 2015 when accepting the Einstein Lab position, but began my relationship with the district as a volunteer creating the robotics program. In the Einstein Lab, I customize laboratory experiments to complement classroom lessons for Kindergarten through 4th grade students. Coordinate with staff to establish best practices and scope and sequence of lessons. Encourage and organize community involvement according to Title 1 regulations. As a Robotics Program Coordinator, I established district wide robotics program, engaging students in various levels of STEM lessons and technology. Currently, the program has served over 200 BISD students.

Run Business Solutions, runbiz | Feb 2018 - Aug 2020

Project Coordinator

Manage customer-facing IT projects to ensure client satisfaction and company profitability Key Responsibilities: Project Planning: Collaborate with project managers and stakeholders to define project scope, objectives, and deliverables. Assist in creating detailed project plans, schedules, and timelines. Identify and document project risks and mitigation strategies. Team Coordination: Schedule and coordinate project meetings, including kick-off meetings, status updates, and project reviews. Maintain open lines of communication among project team members, ensuring everyone is informed about project progress and changes. Assist in assigning tasks and responsibilities to team members. Resource Management: Monitor and track project resource allocation, including personnel, equipment, and materials. Work with the project manager to ensure that resources are available and allocated efficiently. Identify resource constraints and assist in finding solutions. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate project documentation, including project plans, schedules, and meeting minutes. Generate and distribute regular project status reports to stakeholders and management. Assist in the preparation of project presentations and updates. Quality Assurance: Ensure that project deliverables meet quality standards and are delivered on time. Assist in conducting quality control reviews and testing as necessary. Collaborate with team members to resolve issues and discrepancies. Risk Management: Identify potential project risks and assist in developing risk mitigation strategies. Monitor and track risk factors throughout the project lifecycle. Report and escalate critical risks to the project manager and relevant stakeholders. Budget Tracking: Assist in tracking project expenditures and adherence to the project budget. Work with the finance department to manage project-related financial transactions.

Bell Avenue Church Of Christ | Sep 2008 - May 2013

Secretary and Bookkeeper

I enjoyed taking care of our membership needs including managing our directory and weekly bulletin. This position also maintained accurate bookkeeping and tax work under the supervision of an accountant.

Westover Park Junior High Sch | Aug 2006 - May 2008

8th Grade Science Teacher

I worked with staff to establish best practices for my 8th grade science class. I enjoy teaching with a hands-on minds-on methodology that transfers well in the science classroom. It is my joy to see kids enjoy a challenging lesson and to see those moments when they finally grasped on to something new. We had a very successful year 2005-2006 with an 85% state test passing rate.

Hereford High School | Aug 2004 - May 2006

Chemistry & IPC Teacher


Tascosa Country Club | May 2003 - Aug 2004

Membership Coordinator/ Banquet Coordinator

Coordinated all event functions for membership as well as local businesses; including membership socials, holiday functions, golf tournaments, and summer kid camps. Sustained positive communication with membership and community. Published monthly newsletters.

My Education

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Bachelor of Applied Science in BiologyWest Texas A&M University | 2003

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