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Northwestern Polytechnical University | Canada


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Introduction to SQL

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Stripe | May 2022 - Present

Data Analyst

❖ Developed a fraud detection system using SQL and Python, which involved designing and implementing algorithms to identify patterns and indicators of fraudulent activity in transaction data. This system reduced fraudulent transactions by 35% and saved the company an estimated $500,000 per year. ❖ Created dashboards in PowerBI to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer satisfaction, retention rates, and revenue growth. These dashboards were built using SQL to extract and manipulate data from various sources, and were designed to be easily understood and actionable by stakeholders across the organization. ❖ Conducted data analyses to understand customer behavior and identify areas for improvement in the user experience. I used a combination of SQL and Python to extract, clean, and transform data from various sources, and then employed statistical and visualization techniques to uncover insights and trends. Based on these analyses, I recommended and implemented several changes to the platform, resulting in a 10% increase in customer satisfaction and a 15% increase in retention rates. ❖ Improved data quality by 25% through data cleansing and transformation techniques using SQL and Python, addressing issues such as missing values, incorrect data types, and inconsistencies across sources in large datasets. ❖ Improved data governance and compliance by actively participating in code reviews and data governance efforts, promoting best practices, and ensuring that all data-related activities adhered to company policies and industry regulations. ❖ Enhanced data accessibility and understanding by developing and maintaining a comprehensive data dictionary, documenting all data sources and definitions for easy reference by the team. ❖ Streamlined data analysis and reporting processes by developing and maintaining dashboards and reports using tools such as PowerBI, providing real-time insights and enabling timely and effective decision-making.
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Andela | Jun 2021 - Nov 2021

Marketing Data Analyst

As a data analyst at Andela, I was responsible for helping the company find and engage quality talent, manage recruitment costs, and implement and use technology effectively. I also helped create a flexible and agile talent acquisition strategy and fostered a diverse and inclusive workforce. ❖ Used SQL Server, PowerBI, and Python to analyze and interpret data on candidate qualifications, job requirements, and market trends to identify potential candidates for open positions. I was able to identify high-quality candidates that matched the specific needs of the company, resulting in a 5% higher success rate for hiring top talent. ❖ Implemented automation processes using SQL Server and Python to streamline and speed up the recruitment process. By automating certain tasks, I significantly reduced the time it took to review resumes and schedule interviews, resulting in a 25% reduction in time-to-hire. ❖ Created dashboards in PowerBI to track recruitment costs and identify areas for cost savings. By analyzing data on recruitment expenses, I was able to identify areas where the company could cut costs without sacrificing the quality of its hires. This led to a 15% reduction in the overall recruitment budget. ❖ Developed and maintained a database of qualified candidates using SQL Server. By creating a comprehensive database of candidates, by doing so, Andela quickly matched the right candidates to open positions, reducing the time and effort spent sourcing candidates. ❖ Created a diversity and inclusion strategy using data analysis to identify areas for improvement and track progress toward diversity goals. I identified areas where the company could improve its representation of underrepresented groups and develop a plan to increase diversity. As a result, the company saw a 20% increase in the representation of underrepresented groups in its workforce.

Actalent | Apr 2020 - Nov 2020

Data Quality Analyst

As a data analyst at Actalent, my main function was to clean and prepare data sets for production on a daily basis. I use advanced SQL and Python skills to identify and correct errors and inconsistencies in the data, including typos, incorrect or incomplete data, inconsistent data, data duplication, and irrelevant data. The importance of clean data cannot be overstated, as it is the foundation upon which all analysis and decision-making is built. Without clean data, the results of any analysis are likely to be flawed and unreliable, leading to poor business decisions and negative consequences for the company. Therefore, my work in cleaning and preparing data is vital to the success and effectiveness of the company. ❖ Utilized advanced SQL and data cleaning techniques to identify and correct errors and inconsistencies in the company's data, resulting in improved data quality and accuracy. ❖ Analyzed data trends and patterns to identify opportunities for data cleansing and improvement, leading to stronger campaigns and higher-quality leads. ❖ Collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement data cleansing strategies, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and profitability. ❖ Improved staff efficiency and productivity by automating data cleaning processes using SQL and Python scripts. ❖ Reduced errors and frustration by ensuring that clean, accurate data was being used for analysis and decision-making. ❖ Contributed to an increase in response rates and revenue through more targeted and effective campaigns.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science Northwestern Polytechnical University | 2026
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and ManagementIU International University of Applied Sciences | 2022

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Kenny Berk

SQL Server T-SQL, Python, Excel, PowerBi, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Data analytics, Statistics, C/C++

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