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Kenny Shen


Washinton university in St. louis


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Hujiazhou Shen | Jun 2023 - Aug 2023

Data Analyst Internship, Enterprise Division/Swift Product Line (App Automation Platform)

Worked closely with Swift product line in producing a comprehensive Competitive Analysis Report for 2023, providing valuable insights into Swift's market positioning in Q3 2023. Underscored its prominence in mid-tier segments and identified competitors' technological integrations for Swift's potential enhancement. ⚫ Conducted a competitive pricing research study for Swift and key competitors using data mining, uncovering competitors' 10% average price undercut and bundling trends, subsequently proposing a tiered pricing strategy poised to enhance Swift's sales by 15% and customer retention by 20%. ⚫ Utilized data mining, SQL, and Tableau to analyze top 1000 US companies' ERP service providers, resulting in a strategic pivot towards a new ERP platform for Swift.
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Washington University John M. Olin Library | Sep 2022 - Mar 2023

Student Data Assistant

Collected daily Library operation data using WashU Library Excel spreadsheet. 7% of 2022 data collected, final dataset exceeds 4000 rows. ⚫ Led team of three student assistants in cleaning Library weekly operation data using SQL and 100% of 2022 Fall data cleaned. ⚫ Analyzed Library weekly operation data with Tableau, presenting insights via weekly dashboard reports to Head, identifying two underutilized rooms.

AirMedia | Apr 2021 - Aug 2021

Brand Analyst Internship

⚫ Led team of four in creating 2021 airport advertisement product videos using Excel and Adobe PR. Thirty-two airport videos completed before internship ended. ⚫ Generated the 2021 Q2 product performance report, collating performance metrics from various business units and the management team, and presented it at AirMedia's Q2 partner meeting. ⚫ Presented airport advertisement products related to retail, entertainment, and finance areas to three customer companies using PowerPoint and Tableau, brainstormed with the strategy team on next quarter’s objectives and marketing plans. ⚫ Contributed to customer targeting and advertising campaigns for AirMedia's TikTok live-streaming sales, which resulted in seven successful sales. ⚫ Contributed to designing new AirMedia website landing page via survey analysis, successfully incorporating new features.

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Master of science in Master of Business Analytics - Customer AnalyticsWashington University in St. Louis | 2023
bachelor in Bachelor of Arts in Media Art Production Minor in Marketing CommunicationEmerson College | 2022

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Kenny Shen

WUSTL MSBA-Costomer Analytic Major

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