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Kohta Schultz

Data Analyst

Northeastern University | remote


Problem-solving virtuoso, decoding complexity with a data-driven approach.

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Data Manipulation in SQL


Intermediate DAX in Power BI

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Data Transformation in Power BI

Power BI

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Northeastern University Certificate of Data Analytics

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Hitachi Construction Machinery | Jul 2023 - Oct 2023

Data Analyst (Contract)

-Assisted the Sr. Data Analyst part super sessions. -Provide customer solutions with an insight on procurement and sales -Handled complex day to day transactions between customers and vendors -Data management of inventory through the SAP system -Corrected underlying data issues within SAP -Support multiple national account customers -Worked with warehouse and procurement teams to expedite critical dealer orders -Coordinated with procurement, parts, and customer service teams to ensure dealers got the parts they need. -Cooperated with Japanese corporate office and procurement team in "cancel and reorder" tickets to ensure parts that dealers ordered were coming from the correct place in the super session. I would go into our parts databases across multiple programs and fix underlying issues that caused the need for a cancellation in the first place. -Assisted with carry-over issues from a database transition a year prior. Certain supplier codes were messed up and subsequently the part numbers as well. -Saw the need for a more robust data architecture and extensive data engineering issues. Spoke to the head of the IT Dept. Not because it was my job, but because I wanted to.
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My Education

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Certificate of Data Analytics in StatisticsNortheastern University | 2023

About Me

I'm working to become the go-to database worker. Whether it's querying or engineering I want people to look to me to get the job done.

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