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Lewis Pearson

Lewis Pearson

Data, IT, and Website Assistant



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Introduction to Python

Data maestro, orchestrating analytical melodies for data-driven decisions.

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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PER | Jan 2023 - Present

Website, Data & IT Assistant

Main responsibilities include: - Website and database management: Overseeing website and database operations with a close attention to detail. Proactively managing IT systems, addressing any issues that arise. Proficiently managing the website candidate application platform. - Data Analysis and Reporting: Utilising PowerBI and Excel for in-depth analysis of industry data producing compensation reports from surveys, ensuring data accuracy and relevance. Monitoring business KPIs and website analytics. - Recruitment process optimisation: Collaborate on the development and implementation of innovative marketing initiatives, transforming industry data into value-added products for both clients and candidates. streamlining processes and optimizing the database's capabilities. - General IT Troubleshooting: Provide reliable support for general IT troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth and efficient IT environment.
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QA Ltd | May 2022 - Dec 2022

Tech Specialist Consultant

After graduation I transitioned into the field of software development. Three months of focused training in the QA Academy working with trainers followed by independent learning through Cloud Academy whilst developing soft skills. Having joined with minimal technical knowledge in software development I developed a wide array of technical skills with various programming languages, frameworks, and development practices whilst also completing three projects that can be found on my GitHub. Projects: - Inventory Management System – An inventory management system utilising a relational MySQL Database and Java Database Connectivity to create a program that can take in information for Customers, Orders, and Items. - Football Squad Builder site – A similar project but built using Spring Boot and featuring a stylised, user friendly frontend to input the data built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - QACinemas site – Group project building a full stack website. Using the MERN stack of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and NodeJS. Using agile principles.

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Bachelor of Engineering - BEng, Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Aberdeen | 2021

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Lewis Pearson

I'm looking for a role in data analytics or data science, and this platform offers a great way to view opportunities whilst also providing excellent courses to build me skills.

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