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Mahmoud Hamed Mohey

Mahmoud Hamed Mohey

Data Analyst

Faculty of computers and artificial intelligence | Cairo


My Portfolio Highlights

My New Course

Introduction to Python

My New Project

A Network Analysis of Game of Thrones

My New Track

Data Analyst

Data whisperer, turning numbers into captivating stories.

My Work

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Exploratory Data Analysis in Python


Analyzing unicorn company data


Data Analyst

PythonSQLPower BI

A Network Analysis of Game of Thrones

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

Udacity Advanced data analysis

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Spark Foundry

The first task

The first one was using a linear regression algorithm to make a ML model prediction

Spark Foundry

Fourth Task

The fourth was making a prediction using Decision Tree classification.

Spark Foundry

Third Task

The third was using Power Bi to make a good visualization to some data.

Elsewedy Electric

Internship Trainee

I joined Digital department at Elsewedy psp as a trainee and I practiced at real Data Base with Oracle SQL and I did a data analysis project that need to extract the company's data from LinkedIn Learning and I also extract a good visualization that we can get a useful information from it.
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Data Analyst

-Exploring data with pandas and python -Visualizing data using Power bi


SQL assigment

-Sql assignment that have 4 questions need to be answered -I combined 2 columns with each other to answer the questions


Professional data analysis

At this project I did an exploratory data analysis project to get a useful information from our data(TMDB data) and answer some questions.


Bike share at USA project with python

-we need to make some calculations to data set -The data set is talking about Bikeshare at USA -I used python and pandas to explore it and clean it


Exploring data with SQL

-I have a data set talkin about the music and all information about each song -I have some questions to answer it with sql coding

Spark Foundry

Last one

The last one was using Python to clean and extract a good information and visualization for a big missy data talking about terrorism attacks.

Spark Foundry

Second Task

The second was clustering data using K-means algorithm

Developer Student Club - DSC Benha University

Head of Data Science


My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Bachelor in computer science and Artificial intelligence in Data ScienceBenha UNI | 2022

About Me

Mahmoud Hamed Mohey

A Junior Data Analyst, seeking for a position in a big team where I can have a mentorship that helps me develop my skills and utilize my technical and personal competencies

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