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Data Analyst with Python

Gain the career-building Python skills you need to succeed as a data analyst. No coding experience required. In this track, you’ll learn how to import, clean, manipulate, and visualize data—all integral skills for any aspiring data professional or researcher. Through interactive exercises, you’ll get hands-on with some of the most popular Python libraries, including pandas, NumPy, Seaborn, and many more. You’ll also gain experience working with real-world datasets, including data from Walmart sales and data about global food consumption, to grow your data manipulation and exploratory data analysis skills, before moving on to learn the statistics skills you'll need to perform hypothesis testing. Start this track, grow your Python skills, and begin your journey to becoming a confident data analyst.

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Introduction to Data Science in Python

Dive into data science using Python and learn how to effectively analyze and visualize your data. No coding experience or skills needed.

4 hours

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Hillary Green-Lerman

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