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Marina Valentín Ruiz

Marina Valentín Ruiz

Data Engineer



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Introduction to Power BI


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Introduction to Python

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Palfinger AG | Jun 2023 - Present

Data Engineer


Esri España | Jan 2020 - Dec 2022

Data Analyst and GIS Technical specialist

Data engineering o Design and execution of Python code. o Automation of data cleaning, uploading, and updating processes with Python. o Updating over 2 million client's information using both excel and ETL for different government agencies. o Definition of data quality processes. o Data filtering in order to obtain valuable data for business intelligence. o Dashboard design for business intelligence with Power BI. Digital twin. o Processing of LIDAR files to obtain 3D models. (ArcGIS Pro). o Use of CAD and BIM files in GIS platform automating loading processes and saving an average of 5 hours of labour each week.
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Situate Sistemas de Información | Aug 2015 - Jan 2020

GIS Technical & Consultancy specialist

Orange Spain (telecommunication business). o Creation of GIS content for audits and internal processes. o Process automation with Python (Pandas). o Correction of errors and misalignment between databases in the migration process. o Fiber optics connection route auditing for the city of Barcelona and Madrid. FTTH Jazztel (telecommunication business). o Deployment planning and inventory of the distribution network.

Esri España | Apr 2019 - Jul 2019

Trainee in the Professional Services dept.

o Edition and modelling of the 3D design LOD1 and LOD2 of the city of Madrid. o Support in workflows with ArcGIS Pro for Satcen (European Union Satellite Centre). o Survey and digitization of the navigable network of interior car parks in the Financial City. Santander Bank. o Analysis of CAD files for their transfer to ArcGIS Indoors. Reina Sofia Museum.

Bdoc6 | Jan 2015 - Aug 2015

GIS Engineer

Red Electrica España GIS (National energy supplier). o Update and digitalization of the urbanistic and fiscal information. o Definition of standard procedures. o Search and transaction of information with several government entities.

Alcatel-Lucent | Aug 2013 - Dec 2014

FTTH Planning & design engineer

FTTH Vodafone. o Head of deployment in three areas. o Metropolitan distribution network area senior designer. o Work order production and material cost management as part of the Special Roll Out redesign team. FTTX Vodacom South Africa. o Design team leader. o Deployment planning and inventory of the feeder network in ArcGIS. FTTH COX Inc. USA. o Pilot design management for FTTH in Omaha, Nebraska.

ETSI en Topografía, Geodesia y Cartografía | Sep 2012 - Dec 2012

Surveying internship

Fieldwork and office: o Geometric leveling. o Topographical modeling. o Triangulation. o Reference points for photogrammetric flights.

ETSI en Topografía, Cartografía y Geodesia | Sep 2011 - Jun 2012

Collaboration grant

Academic planning sub-directorate department.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Surveying & Geomatics Engineer (B. Eng) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid | 2021
Postgraduate program GIS data science, Sistemas de información geográficaESRI España | 2019
BIM project management (BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING), ArquitecturaCentro Oficial de AutoDesk España 24stulio LAB | 2017
Surveying engineer, Ingeniería topográfica y CartografíaUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid | 2013

About Me

Marina Valentín Ruiz

I am a surveyor engineer specialised in geographic information systems (GIS) and data processing and visualisation. I love discovering what is behind the data and being able to show it to others. Always learning and looking for new challenge.

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