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mark roberson

mark roberson

Project Manager

Looking for a New Employer | Midland, Michigan


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McKay Printing | Sep 2021 - Present

I.T. Project Manager

Parent company, R.R. Donelly and Son was recently acquired by Atlas Holding L.L.C. Customer Relations Management; managing: users, websites, billing, and order processing; Reporting and analytics; Customer Support in Direct mailing campaigns.
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Independent Contracting | Jan 2017 - Apr 2020

Independent Contractor

Multi-industry contract work. Worked Performed: Rubber Injection Mold Operator; Lumberjack and Arborist; Lawn and Garden Care Manager; Organic Flowers and Vegetable; Residential Demolition and Remodel; Manual Excavations Technician; Water Drainage Specialist; Elder Care Management; Credentials Creations, Modifications and Rebranding; Technology Education and Support, and Self-Educating

Central Michigan University | Mar 2003 - Jul 2017

Data Management Specialist ►Digital Marketing Campaigns | Customer Service | Project Managing

As a Data Management Specialist at Central Michigan University, I provided expertise and leadership across various information technology needs — delivering innovative results-oriented solutions in support of the University’s mission and goals. Areas of focus include Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns, Crystal Report Creation & Modification, HTML Document Development, Project Management, Data Management, Customer Service & Support, among other areas as needed. Bringing a strong track record in programming and analysis, I served a vital role in the success of CMU’s bulk email marketing campaigns. I delivered comprehensive email marketing management from development to quality control including using web-based platform Email on Acid for email editor, prelaunch check, graphic pixilating, spam testing, and email analytics; and database management including research and testing SQL statements. I also offered efficient and effective technical support for end-users and created a variety of reports and documents as part of overall marketing and technical operations. Representative Achievements: » Personally created the bulk email marketing protocol that provided operational guidelines for CMU”s bulk email marketing — facilitating process improvements that contributed to the increase in reach from the low tens of thousands of emails per year to averaging 6 million per year » Processed significant amounts of email blasts and led as the largest producer of email campaigns at CMU — averaging approximately 1.5 projects per business day » Delivered expertise in Crystal Reports — showcasing the production power of Crystal Reports writer to support CMU’s goals __________ Central Michigan University is a public research university located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Established in 1892, Central Michigan University is one of the largest universities in the state of Michigan and one of the nation's 100 largest public universities.

MedCharge | Oct 2000 - Dec 2002

Applications Developer / Full Stack Development / Project Management ► Healthcare Industry

Selected to join this startup company as an Applications Developer and Customer Service and Support Specialist. My focus areas were project management and full-stack development Report Generation, Software Source Code Modification, Database Modification, and overall Customer Service and Support. The purpose of the company’s software was to make patient billing easier and store the doctor's notes to assist in quality, efficient billing. I sourced, procured, and developed the server backup software and the protocol for backing up the servers. In addition, I served as the singular project manager to work with highly sensitive patient information for the University of Michigan Health System’s Psychiatry and Psychology Departments. Representative Responsibilities and Achievements: » Provided full-stack development for the company's software package. » Provided comprehensive Customer Service & Support such as software upgrades, troubleshooting, adding functions, and bug fixing — through on-site assistance, phone, and email » Utilized SQL to correct, modify, and update data in different tables in databases. » Selected to attend JAVA programming course — subsequently assisted in converting Visual Basic Code to JAVA. __________ MedCharge Inc. was based in Ann Arbor, MI, and provided medical billing solutions.

Self-Employed | Aug 1999 - Oct 2000

Independent Contractor / Consultant ► Project Management | Technical Support

As an Independent Contract/Consultant, I provided various technical and business services to clients across several industries. » Projects in Crystal Reports, Access, Excel, and Visual Basic » Researching and reporting technical information » Hardware Repair » Updating and creating technical documentation » Contingency planning and contract negotiation

General Motors | Nov 1998 - Aug 1999

Information Analyst ► Program Development | Data Management | Application Development

This Information Analyst position was a contract position. I was selected for through Electronic Data Systems (EDS). The role at General Motor’s Buick City complex was to utilize data from the company’s Buick marketing database to support GM’s overall Buick marketing goals. The scope of my work with GM included creating SQL statements that pulled the samples from the database — meeting the demographic requirements for the marketing contacts. Representative Responsibilities and Achievements: » Developed programs that interfaced with an Oracle 7 relational database » Delivered analysis and program management using Oracle 7 SQL statements embedded in Parallel Data Language code (similar to C) » Utilized UNIX operating systems and Oracle’s SQL worksheets » Executed application development in Access 2.0 __________ General Motors has been pushing the limits of transportation and technology for over 100 years. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, GM is over 180,000 people and serves 6 continents.

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center | May 1997 - Aug 1998

PC Programmer / Application Developer ► Visual Basic | Crystal Reports | Customer Service / Support

As a PC Programmer and Application Developer in the IT department, I developed and delivered a wide variety of applications and reports, utilizing software such as Microsoft Visual Basic and Crystal Report writer, FoxPro, and Microsoft Access. Acting in a customer service and support capacity, I provided effective solutions across various technical needs. Comprehensive responsibilities included the creation of legal, strategic management, performance management, and financial applications. During my tenure with Our Lady of the Lake, I created a data management program for the Chief Counsel of the hospital. This allowed for easier and more efficient caseload management, including the monitoring of the progress of the cases. Representative Achievements: » Developed complete applications — including the layout and design of Visual Basic front ends to the middleware Crystal Report writer in the production of comprehensive, results-oriented reports » Developed simple to very complex Crystal Reports — using the report writing platform Crystal Reports - normally exceeding the end user requirements; the reports could include displaying tables and graphs, and reports that would pass parameters between Visual Basic and Crystal Reports » Utilizing development expertise, developed several applications from scratch; performed major rewrites and redesigns of other applications __________ Our Lady of the Lake is uniquely capable of caring for a full range of illness or injury, including those that are extremely complex, for both pediatric and adult patients — serving 35,000 inpatients and 650,000 outpatients annually, and committed to building a healthy community through excellence in patient care and education.

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Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA, Finance, GeneralEastern Michigan University | 1993
Associate in Business Administration in Business AdministrationDelta College | 1986
Associate in Engineering in Pre EngineeringDelta College | 1985

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mark roberson

Looking for a new employer either remote or in the Bay City, Midland, Mount Pleasant, or Saginaw area of Michigan Full Time

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