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Mauricio Costa

Mauricio Costa

Psychometrician | Data Analyst

nil | Pulsnitz, Saxony, Germany


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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Data Analyst


Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Guest Professor Advisor in the Professional Master's Degree in Aviation Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Program (Safety) in dissertations about Human Factors and Aviation Psychology.
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SDTP - Foundation | Jan 2010 - Jan 2022

Psychologist and Researcher

1. Responsible for conducting research (qualitative and quantitative) of the various products involved in the area of Operational Safety - Human Factors (human performance) of the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA). Elaboration of statistical reports that support actions to promote operational safety by the organization's team of psychologists. 2. Development, updating and monitoring of SPI (Safety Performance Indicator) in accordance with the various activities of operational safety (air traffic accident prevention activities, human fatigue management, human factors research in operational air traffic control bodies, management change management, among others) for chain of command advice. 3. Responsible for managing data from the Management Information System of the Operational Safety Subsystem in Airspace Control (SIGCEA). Preparation of management reports through extraction, cleaning (SQL), data analysis and creation of operational safety dashboards. 4. Human Factors Psychologist Consultant providing services to the Brazilian Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) working in the prevention and investigation of air traffic control incidents. Member of the Human Factors Sector in the DECEA Safety Advisory. 5. Management of the activities carried out by psychologists within the scope of DECEA: Program of Human Factors Research in Operational Environment; Investigation of the Human Factor in Air Traffic Incident; Activities Related to Human Factors for the Prevention of Air Traffic Occurrences; Elaboration of Statistical Report Related to Human Factors in Air Traffic Incidents; Non-Technical Skills and Working Memory Development Program.

Brazilian Air Force | Jan 2003 - Jan 2010

Psychologist and Researcher

1. Psychologist / Human Factors of the Flight Instruction Squadrons in the BAFA. 2. Psychologist responsible for implementation and development of Brazilian manual and psychometrics studies of the Pilot Aptitude Tester (PILAPT) and its role in the selection of the cadets from BAFA aiming to reduce the failures (inaptitude) that occur in the flight instruction, conducting studies comparing the PILAPT's performance with the flight instruction performance. Study of the PILAPT’s cut score in the selection process. The PILAPT is a test commercialized by People Technologies and Psytech Ltd (England). 3. Responsible for the studies with PILAPT in the flight instruction to improve the accuracy of the test in the BAFA pilot selection. Production of annual reports about the selection process and the improvements to be implemented. 4. Human Factors Investigator of accidents in general aviation in Brazil (conducting the human factors investigative side in the accidents and incidents).

My Education

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DOCTOR IN SCIENCE in PsychologySão Paulo University - Institute of Psychology | 2016
MASTER IN SCIENCE in PsychologySão Paulo University - Institute of Psychology | 2010
SPECIALIZATION (LATO SENSU) IN BEHAVIORAL AND COGNITIVE THERAPY in PsychologySão Paulo University - Institute of Psychology | 2005
BACHELOR DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY in PsychologyMackenzie University (Brazil) | 2001

About Me

Mauricio Costa

I'm a Psychologist who is looking for a career change in the data area. I´m looking for a job in Germany (Dresden and Region) or Remote.

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