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Practicum by Yandex Certificate of Completion of the Data Analyst Professional Training Course

Practicum by Yandex Certificate of Completion of the Data Scientist Professional Training Course

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Rigla | Jan 2021 - Present

Data Analyst

- Testing the work of sites and mobile applications from the point of view of user scenarios; - Modeling user errors, researching the causes of failures; - Drawing up bug reports, setting tasks for developers, monitoring implementation; - Development and support of custom scripts and, on their basis, the development of test cases; - Analysis of functionality for weaknesses, search and identification of dependencies to form hypotheses about product and process improvements; - Testing product hypotheses for the growth of key product metrics; - Forecasting the growth and fall of product indicators, user behavior; - Interpretation of A / B tests, preparation of reports and proposals for changes in the product based on the results of the research; - Analysis of current services, market analysis, formation of proposals for the application of best practices; - Analysis of current processes and sales funnels; - Evaluation of the potential benefit from the completion of product tasks; - Systematization of information from different sources and transformation into a base for work, useful for decision-making. What I use in my work: - Excel (Power Query) - Web analytics systems Google Analytics 4, Google Universal Analytics, Yandex.Metrica. - Mob. analytics: Appmetrica, firebase - OLAP cubes. - Python (Matplotlib, Pandas, Plotly, Seaborn, Numpy, Scipy) - For research - Jupyter notebook - BI systems: Tableau
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Practicum by Yandex | Jan 2020 - Jan 2021

Data analyst

During the training, I acquired the following skills: - Data preprocessing (Python, Pandas, Numpy) - Data extraction (Python, PostgreSQL) - Data analysis (Python, Scipy, Pandas) - Data visualization (Python, Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn, Tableau). Achievements: Made 12 research projects, including: 1. Analysis of user behavior in the application; Objective: Based on the use of an application for the sale of food products, analyze the mobile sales funnel, as well as evaluate the results of A / A / B testing; Stack / tools: Python, A / B testing, Matplotlib, Pandas, Plotly, Seaborn, data visualization, statistical hypothesis testing, product metrics, event analytics. 2. Creation of a dashboard by custom events for the Yandex.Zen news aggregator; Task: Building a dashboard with metrics of user interaction with article cards; Stack / tools: PostgreSQL, Python, SQLAlchemy, Tableau, dash, dashboard building, product metrics. 3. Optimization of marketing costs in Yandex.Afish; Task: Based on data on site visits Yandex.Afishi study how people use the product, when they start buying, how much money each customer brings, when it pays off; Stack / tools: Matplotlib, Pandas, Python, cohort analysis, product metrics, unit economics. Projects can be viewed on Github: https://github.com/memphis94/yandex- praktikum-projects

Аскона | Jan 2019 - Jan 2020

Senior Project Manager

- Operational management of Askona kitchen retail stores during the MVP period. - Performance analysis by key metrics (sales Funnel with conversion tracking at each stage, ROI, ROMI, ARPC). - Formation of business requirements and active participation in the implementation of the BPM system "Creatio" (Terrasoft). - Formation of the assortment matrix and price segmentation. - - Creation and implementation of cross-platform training for employees of the direction (KIS "Galaxy", VR CRM, 3CAD, Ekitchen, Winner design, THRShops). - - Development of detailed documentation for a new project and implementation of all stages in practice with constant adjustment. - Weekly, monthly, and quarterly demand planning. Full involvement in S&OP referral processes. Progress: Launch of a new direction in a large federal company almost "from scratch".

Мебельная Фабрика "Мария" | Jan 2015 - Jan 2019

Senior Project Manager

- Participated in the launch of new projects of the company ('OBI', 'MIA', 'Едим Дома', 'M-Video') - Full participation in S&OP processes. - Analytics of daily CRM system data. - Improve conversion rates at each stage of the sales funnel. - Development of detailed documentation for each project and implementation of all stages in practice with constant adjustment. - Weekly, monthly, and quarterly demand planning. - Creating a sales plan and forecasting indicators based on key metrics. Progress: - Active participation in the launch and scaling of the OBI project. - Active participation in the launch and scaling of the MIA project. - Active participation in the launch and scaling of the M-Video project.

Polaris | Jan 2012 - Jan 2015

Product Manager

- Managed the product matrix of climate and heating equipment ~ 150 SKU; - Engaged in demand planning and sales Analytics for long-term periods; - Active participation in S&OP processes in the company on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis by Department; - Long-term sales planning and Analytics; - Monthly sales forecast with the necessary details; - Procurement and delivery plan with distribution to the company's warehouse facilities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Tallinn); - Participate in the budgeting cycle on an annual/quarterly basis in their area together with the sales, marketing and Finance departments. Progress: - During his work, he participated in the development and successful promotion of more than 40 models of climate and heating equipment on the CIS market.

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