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Bikeshare Insights: Summer in the Windy City


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Desert Sands Unified School District | Sep 2021 - Present


-Developed and executed comprehensive lesson plans resulting in an impressive 85% increase in student engagement, creating a dynamic and captivating learning environment. -Leveraged data-driven insights to monitor student progress and tailored instructional strategies, leading to a 50% improvement in grades among students with special needs. -Utilized analytical skills to identify trends in student performance, facilitating targeted interventions and personalized support, ultimately boosting test scores by 30%.
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Freelance | Mar 2020 - Present

Genealogy Research Entrepreneur

-Researched and analyzed extensive historical data spanning over 500 years, successfully reconstructing intricate ancestral lineages. -Transformed complex research findings into a meticulously structured and comprehensive 300-page publication, showcasing exceptional data organization and presentation skills. -Demonstrated adaptability by tailoring research methodologies to address diverse and unique client genealogical inquiries, showcasing versatility and analytical agility.

The Scottish Parliament | Sep 2019 - Dec 2019


-Produced a comprehensive 30-page report featuring data-driven graphs and analysis on a Member of Parliament's fiscal matters for the quarter. -Provided strategic advice to the Member of Parliament, resulting in the implementation of cost-cutting strategies backed by data-driven insights, leading to a significant 15% reduction in costs. -Conducted in-depth research into Parliamentary and Committee issues, demonstrating robust analytical skills. Effectively gathered, synthesized complex information, and communicated findings in written form, contributing to informed decision-making processes.

Political Student Organization | May 2018 - May 2019

External Vice President

-Managed a diverse team of over 20 board members, fostering collaboration and ensuring smooth club operations. -Demonstrated exceptional communication, marketing, and coordination skills by successfully liaising with guest speakers and school administration, resulting in the seamless execution of events attracting audiences ranging from 70 to 600 attendees. -Strategically improved internal communication and marketing tactics, leading to a remarkable 25% increase in event turnout and engagement, effectively enhancing the club's impact on campus.

Bruin Standard | Jan 2018 - Sep 2018

Editor In Chief

-Led a team of writers, recruiting and guiding them to produce high-quality content. -Successfully raised over $2,000, demonstrating fundraising and financial management skills. -Managed project deadlines and effectively balanced team members' workloads. -Applied keen attention to detail while editing articles for publication, ensuring accuracy and coherence.

Political Student Organization | Jun 2017 - Jun 2018

Administrative Director

-Organized and managed email communications for the President, External Vice President, and Internal Vice President, ensuring efficient information flow within the leadership team. -Responded promptly to inquiries from students and press, demonstrating strong communication skills and attention to detail. -Coordinated with the Fire Marshal to facilitate press passes for larger events, showcasing logistical coordination abilities. -Provided essential support to the President, External Vice President, and Internal Vice President in managing board members and ensuring smooth operations.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, Political Science; International Relations  · (OctoberUniversity of California, Los Angeles | 2020
High School Diploma Xavier College Preparatory High School | 2016

About Me

Victoria Miller

Data analyst with expertise in Python, SQL, Excel, and Power BI. UCLA graduate seeking analytical roles. Passion for data-driven insights.

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