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Pavel Ngaybe

Pavel Ngaybe

Data Science Apprentice

Grand Canyon University | Phoenix, AZ


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From Physics Teacher to Data Analyst: Bridging the Gap with Communication & Empathy

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CENTRAL ALARM, INC | Jan 2023 - Dec 2023

Alarm Service Technician

Installing and maintaining alarm systems: Perform installation, programming, and troubleshooting of alarm systems, including intrusion detection, fire alarm, access control, and CCTV systems. Customer support: Provide technical support and assistance to customers regarding alarm system operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Address customer inquiries and resolve issues promptly and professionally. System testing and inspection: Conduct testing, inspection, and certification of installed alarm systems to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Verify system functionality and make necessary adjustments or repairs. Service and repair: Respond to service requests and perform repairs, replacements, and upgrades as needed. Diagnose and resolve equipment malfunctions, wiring issues, software glitches, or other technical problems to ensure system performance and customer satisfaction. Documentation and reporting: Maintain accurate records of service activities, including service tickets, work orders, and equipment inventory. Prepare detailed reports documenting system installations, repairs, and upgrades for internal and customer reference. Training and educating customers: Train customers on the proper use and maintenance of alarm systems. Provide clear instructions and demonstrations on system operation, arming and disarming, and troubleshooting common issues.
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Alorica | Feb 2022 - Aug 2022

Customer Service Specialist

Customer Assistance: Provide assistance and support to customers via various communication channels (phone, email, chat) regarding their credit card accounts. Respond to inquiries, address concerns, and resolve any issues related to billing, payments, transactions, rewards, and general account information. Problem Resolution: Investigate and analyze customer complaints or problems to determine the root cause and provide prompt and accurate solutions. Effectively resolve billing disputes, fraudulent activities, and other customer concerns while maintaining a high level of professionalism and empathy. Account Maintenance: Update customer account information, such as contact details, payment preferences, and authorized users. Process account changes, including address updates, credit limit adjustments, and card replacements. Payment Processing: Assist customers with payment-related inquiries, including explaining payment options, processing payments, setting up automatic payments, and resolving payment discrepancies. Provide guidance on payment due dates, minimum payments, and late fees. Fraud Prevention: Recognize and address potential fraudulent activities by closely monitoring customer transactions and account activities. Follow security protocols and procedures to verify customer identity and protect sensitive information. Product Knowledge: Maintain and Provide accurate and detailed information about card benefits, promotions, rewards programs, and fees to customers. Record Maintenance: Update customer records and document all customer interactions in the company's customer relationship management (CRM) system. Ensure accurate and up-to-date customer information for future reference and analysis. Collaboration: Collaborate with other departments, such as collections, fraud prevention, and sales, to address customer concerns and resolve complex or escalated issues. Share customer feedback, insights, and recommendations to improve overall customer experience.

Higher Ground a Resource Center | Mar 2021 - Jul 2021


such as setting up activities, supervising students, and ensuring a safe and organized environment. Activity Facilitation: Lead or assist in organizing and facilitating a wide range of activities such as arts and crafts, sports, STEM projects, music, drama, and other enrichment activities. Role Modeling and Social Engagement: Be positive role models for students, inspiring them to develop important social and life skills. Engaging in conversations, promoting teamwork, and encouraging positive behavior are some ways volunteers can contribute to the social development of students. Transport students to and from the program location from their homes.

Catholic Community Services | Mar 2021 - Jul 2021


CASA ALITAS is a welcome center that provides humanitarian support and temporary shelter to asylum-seeking migrants who have been released into the United States. The center offers assistance to individuals and families, ensuring their basic needs are met and helping them to navigate the complex immigration process. Here are some key aspects of CASA ALITAS: Temporary Shelter: CASA ALITAS provides temporary shelter to migrants who have been released from immigration detention facilities. This includes a safe place to sleep, meals, and basic necessities such as clothing and toiletries. Basic Needs and Support: The center ensures that migrants have access to essential resources, including food, water, healthcare, hygiene products, and transportation assistance. They may also offer translation services to help migrants communicate their needs effectively. Case Management: CASA ALITAS offers case management services to migrants, assisting them with immigration paperwork, connecting them with legal resources and other support services, and helping them understand their rights and responsibilities. Medical and Mental Health Services: The center provides access to medical and mental health services, addressing any immediate healthcare needs and making referrals for ongoing care as necessary. This ensures the well-being and safety of the migrants during their stay at the center. Transportation and Travel Support: CASA ALITAS assists migrants in making travel arrangements to join their sponsor or family members in the United States. This may involve arranging bus or plane tickets, providing travel guidance, and connecting them with relevant transportation resources. Volunteer Support: The welcome center relies heavily on dedicated volunteers who provide various forms of assistance, such as preparing and serving meals, organizing donations, offering interpretation services, and providing emotional support to the migrants during their stay.

Effective Documentation | Aug 2017 - Jan 2021

Operational Analyst

Identify the operational needs of the organization by observing current workflows, reading company reports, and conducting employee interviews. Evaluate data to identify potential issues, calculate risk, and forecast outcomes. Developing Plans for Improvement: Use data analysis to develop new systems and alternative methods for conducting business. Recommending Strategies: Based on findings, recommend strategies for improving operations, reducing operational costs, and optimizing workflows. Implementing Improvement Strategies: Monitor the implementation of the recommended solutions to ensure they are effective and make further adjustments as necessary. Provide analytical and technical support to the management team by providing reports, analyzing economic trends, and identifying variances.

Ministry of Secondary Education | Apr 2012 - Dec 2020

Physics/Mathematics Teacher


My Education

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MSc. Data Science in Data ScienceGrand Canyon University | 2025
Diploma in Lay Clinical Pastoral CounselingBamenda | 2013
B.Ed in PhysicsUniversity of Bamenda | 2011

About Me

Pavel Ngaybe

A highly motivated and results-oriented with a diverse background in education and a strong foundation in data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modeling.

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