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Angela Pitera

Angela Pitera

Genetic Data Analyst

Smithfield Premium Genetics


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My New Github

Investigating relationships between social behavior and spatial cognition

My New Github

Reproduction is affected by individual breeding experience but not pair longevity in a socially monogamous bird

My New Github

Exploration of Automated Visitation Data Exercise Set

Data conductor, leading the orchestra of insights with analytical finesse.

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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office


Data Manipulation with pandas


Joining Data with pandas


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python


Exploration of Automated Visitation Data Exercise Set

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My Work Experience

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University of Nevada, Reno | Aug 2015 - May 2023

Graduate Student Research Assistant


My Education

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Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Biology/Biological Sciences, General  · (AugustUniversity of Nevada, Reno | 2023
Bachelor of Science - BS, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior  · (AugustUniversity of Minnesota | 2013

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Angela Pitera

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