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Sarmad Ali Chohan

Sarmad Ali Chohan

Senior Data Scientist



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Data virtuoso, playing the strings of information to create harmonious insights.

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MadMarketing | Aug 2022 - Present

Data Scientist

MadMarketing, a prominent marketing firm, specializes in data-driven strategic development, brand positioning optimization, and delivering exceptional client ROI. We are committed to transforming modern marketing through advanced analytics, machine learning, and cutting-edge strategies. MadMarketing's team is led by experts who oversee a dynamic group of data scientists and marketers, fostering synergy between data-driven approaches and client-centric outcomes. We excel in Quantum Growth Loops (QGLs) Analytics, creating, deploying, and refining QGLs with predictive analytics and A/B testing, resulting in substantial growth for their diverse clientele. Additionally, MadMarketing utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and sentiment analysis to gauge consumer responses to marketing campaigns. These insights are used to shape content and drive maximum consumer engagement. Notably, achievements include an 87% increase in client ROI through data-driven strategies, a 23% average growth rate with QGLs, and a remarkable 116% boost in consumer engagement and brand loyalty via sentiment analysis in lifestyle marketing. We also excel in project management using Agile methodologies, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to data strategies.
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Lucky Motor Corporation Limited | Oct 2021 - Oct 2023

Lead Operation Analytics

As the Lead for Production and Projects at Lucky Motor Corporation, I undertook a pivotal role in establishing an auto parts manufacturing plant with an impressive annual capacity of 50,000 vehicles. Working under strict budget constraints, I completed this complex project within 18 months, meticulously setting up seven critical assembly lines. I demonstrated exemplary leadership by assembling a proficient team of 20 members and effectively liaising with our overseas teams in Korea and France. Together, we pursued and achieved a zero-defect rate and maintained an enviable record of 100% customer satisfaction, indicative of our commitment to quality and excellence. One of the landmark achievements during my tenure was the successful attainment of three crucial ISO certifications (QMS, EMS, and OHS) under my lead auditorship. I pushed the boundaries of quality inspection by developing an AI-based QC inspector, programmed in Python. This advanced system screens 2,000 parts per day for visual defects, resulting in a 35% enhancement in our quality detection rates. Leveraging my data science skills, I processed and analyzed over 10,000 data points, resulting in a revamp of the production line for the intricate wire harness assembly. By identifying and addressing critical bottlenecks, I was instrumental in achieving a significant 30% increase in plant capacity. I also spearheaded after-sales service improvements by employing multivariate regression models to analyze data from over 5,000 global suspension failures. Through this, we identified supplier manufacturing defects, saving 20% of our annual repair budget. In my ongoing 1.5-year journey, I've developed a robust and self-reliant team of 50 professionals, reducing supervisory overhead by 60%. I believe in the power of data science merged with operational excellence, and my contributions to Lucky Motor Corporation testify to this, driving ongoing success in the competitive automotive industry.

House of Habib | Aug 2019 - Oct 2021

Assistant Manager Manufacturing Analytics & Projects

As an Assistant Manager of Manufacturing Analytics & Projects, I have overseen the successful installation and operation of Final Assembly, Cover, Foam, and Weld Shop production lines, ensured maximum output while maintained quality standards. Through rigorous analytics and problem-solving, I've guaranteed that products meet specifications, stay within budget, and have minimal wastage, resulting in significant reductions in non-conformities. I have adeptly addressed customer concerns, leveraging my skills in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to resolve complaints without escalations. By strategically reallocating employees and equipment, I boosted production efficiency and achieved optimal resource utilization. This transition not only maintained production targets but also diminished inventory costs, saving the organization over $60K. Through data wrangling and analytics, I effectively reduced overhead by 2512 man-hours monthly. I also designed and implemented Line Balancing Charts for comprehensive production processes, reaching a remarkable 98% resource utilization rate to meet consumer demands. Using tools like MySQL and Microsoft Power BI, I pioneered the creation of a cloud based OEE monitoring dashboard for real-time insights across 11 production lines, which resulted in a significant uptick in output. My leadership spans overseeing 66 reports and promoting a culture of excellence within the team. I've been instrumental in fostering a stimulating work environment, encouraging growth opportunities, and driving peak performance.

House of Habib | Aug 2018 - Jul 2019

Group Management Trainee

As a Group Management Trainee, I was entrusted with overseeing the effective implementation and application of thermal systems, electrical systems, and engine components. Using MATLAB, I diligently led machinery inspections, pinpointing and mitigating risks to ensure timely project completion in sync with set requirements. My proactive approach resulted in recommending upgrades and alternatives for outdated equipment, saving the company Rs 3.5M. Additionally, I excelled in troubleshooting equipment issues and took the lead in both preventative and corrective maintenance operations for machinery, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering in Manufacturing AnalyticsGhulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology | 2018
A Levels, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics & GPLahore Grammar School | 2014
O Levels, Physical SciencesBeaconhouse | 2012

About Me

Sarmad Ali Chohan

Once a meticulous Project Manager in Mechanical Engineering, I transitioned seamlessly into the realm of Data Science. Driven by curiosity and a passion for innovation, I combined my engineering acumen with new-found expertise in Python and machine learning.

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