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Sathwik Kesappragada

Sathwik Kesappragada

Data Analyst

2u | Los Angeles, California


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Analyzing TV Data

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Introduction to Python

Quantitative navigator, guiding decision-makers through the sea of data.

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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2U | Nov 2022 - Present

Learning Assistant


2U | Aug 2022 - Present

Teaching Assistant

University of California, Berkeley - Data Visualization Blended Online Representative tools & technologies • APIs & JSON • Big data programming [Python; Scala; Spark] • Cloud management [AWS] • Excel & VBA • Financial programming; and time series analysis [NumPy; Pandas; Plotly] • General troubleshooting of computer systems • Interactive notebooking [Google Colab; the Jupyter platform] • ML & ANN programming with popular Python frameworks [sklearn; TensorFlow] • NoSQL [MongoDB] • Python Programming • R Programming [Tidyverse] • Reading and writing technical documentation • RDBMS [PostgreSQL & pgAdmin] • Shell scripting [Bash; Zsh] • SQL; SQLAlchemy ORM; SQLite • Sysadmin [Linux; macOS; Windows] • Text processing & NLP with [NLTK; sPacy] • Web scraping with popular Python frameworks [BeautifulSoup; Splinter] • Web technologies [HTML; CSS; JS; etc.] • Version Control [Git] • Virtual environments & package management [Conda] As the parent company of edX, a leading global online learning platform, 2U provides over 76 million people worldwide with access to world-class education in partnership with more than 250 colleges, universities, and companies. 2U powers more than 4,200 digital education offerings—from free courses to full degrees—to help unlock human potential. GetSmarter is a brand of 2U and partners with the world's leading universities to select, design and deliver premium online executive education courses with a data-driven focus on learning gain. To learn more, visit 2U.com.
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Infosys | Mar 2022 - Feb 2023

Associate Analyst

journey maps, value propositions, wireframes, and product feature backlog • Drove agile project development with a team of five to produce analysis documentation including business requirements, scope matrix, user stories, sequence diagrams, roadblocks, and future state proposals to help improve the client's ability to manage information • Generated recommendations to improve business models through design thinking and communicated strategies to stakeholders

Springboard | Aug 2020 - Jul 2021

Data Science Fellow - Data Science Career Track

• Identified influential factors in viewer rating for films by developing ensemble methods namely Random Forest, XGBoost, Gradient Boosting on TMDB data and carried out hyperparameter tuning to improve model performance that will help select features based of feature importance • Implemented a simple recommendation engine using techniques such as content-based & collaborative filtering to detect films a user would like • Classified image data of 200k pictures collected from Yelp into 5 distinct classes: inside, menu, outside, drink, food using Convolutional Neural Networks made up of 7 layers of autoencoders to learn the type of image and evaluated performance based on accuracy and loss

Hack for LA | Feb 2021 - Jun 2021

Data Scientist (Volunteer)

• Analyzed anonymous neighborhood council survey data from over 690 members covering civic issues including housing, education, law enforcement, economic development while collaborating with 5 data scientists to help assess stakeholder needs by participating in weekly meetings • Conducted NLP techniques on freeform text such as pre-processing, POS tagging, tokenization, keyword extraction, creating word clouds to extract meaningful content that can later be used for actionable feedback by using pattern recognition and topic modeling

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® | Aug 2017 - Jun 2018


player • Served 300+ customers daily while keeping the prep time under 2 mins on average yielding an increase in productivity by 20% • Collaborated during hectic situations to demonstrate teamwork • Only store located on a university campus (top 2 busiest in state)

Blind Start of America | Jun 2015 - Sep 2015

Summer Intern

• Entered data in correspondence to information of over 50 members, monthly events, and financial aspects such as expenses and donations to develop and maintain a file system, resulting in an increase in operational efficiency by 15% • Performed administrative duties such as scheduling weekly meetings/ appointments via phone calls, assisting in preparation for future events, providing support to visitors, overlooking equipment to ensure organization

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Data Science Career TrackSpringboard | 2021
Bachelor of Science - BS, Applied MathematicsUniversity of California, Riverside | 2020

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