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Pivvot | Jan 2017 - Present

Business & Technology Coaching (Co-owner)

At Pivvot, as a co-owner specializing in Business & Technology Coaching, I've seamlessly blended my international experience with a tailored approach for clients across time zones. From establishing unique brand identities to implementing tech solutions for non-tech clients, my focus has always been on driving success while ensuring business continuity. ◆ Adapted my approach to provide a localized client experience, considering factors such as vocabulary, expressions, working hours, and currency, enhancing client interactions. ◆ Leveraged my international background to offer clients a competitive edge in their respective markets. ◆ Defined unique selling points by interviewing leadership staff to better understand business goals, surveying customers, and researching competitors to inform branding, content, natural SEO and marketing campaigns. ◆ Planned and implemented technological solutions for non-technical clients by assessing their needs, industry trends and best-practices to smoothly streamline operations with minimal distraction and down time.
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Presagia Sports | Mar 2016 - Mar 2023

Data Analysis/Manipulation & Project Coordination (Consultant)

As a Consultant at Elynx Medical (bettern known by the SaaS product name Presagia Sports) from 2016 to 2023, I excelled in data analysis, manipulation, and project coordination. My primary role was to bridge the gap between user requirements and technical solutions, setting expectations and ensuring clear communication between stakeholders from conception to delivery. ◆ Work with clients to define and deliver new features by gathering requirements and feedback, working directors to refine scope and estimate effort, then plan and prioritize actionable development tasks in Jira. ◆ Facilitated communication between design and development stake-holders by creating workflow diagrams using LucidChart to outline frontend screens and backend business processes. ◆ Developed interactive prototypes from static mockups by using HTML5, CSS and JS to gather better feedback from the internal team and clients prior to starting development. ◆ Produce statistical database summaries by running SQL queries and refining the resulting CSV exports using Excel, Power Query, Python and PHP to improve accuracy when scoping ETL priorities. ◆ Automated time-consuming tasks to help teams transition to modern tools by transferring content from WordPress to HubSpot, scraping static HTML help documentation and importing into a dynamic e-learning platform, transforming incompatible client import data. ◆ Supported integration of 3rd-party data collection by coordinating with the vendor to gather requirements, validating the API using Postman and working through user acceptance testing with clients.

Nupixo (formerly Deluge Media) | Nov 2008 - Nov 2018

Web Design & Development (Consultant)

During my decade-long tenure with Nupixo (previously Deluge Media) as a Web Design & Development Consultant, I carved a niche for myself by creating user-centric solutions. From developing cross-platform mobile applications to Flash-based games, I took pride in delivering both innovative and practical web solutions tailored to specific client needs. ◆ Support the creation of Flash-based games by writing highly configurable code to prototype interactive mechanics, documenting the configuration options, educating the designer on intended usage, performed ongoing user acceptance testing, setting up a system to collect user analytics to eventually lead to the design of a game that was fully funded on Kickstarter and holds a "Very Positive" status in the Steam store. ◆ Design a system to allow a non-technical client to generate cross-platform mobile application by developing a custom web admin to package imported content and theme settings for use with PhoneGap Build to be published in native App Stores. ◆ Unify individual applications and improve the user-experience by implementing custom SSO and extending the API to gather required assets on login eliminating the need for users to manage multiple accounts and installations.

Farsk Graphics | Sep 2005 - Present

Web Design & Development (Owner)

and development since 2005, championing user-centric designs and bespoke web solutions. My expertise in aiding less-technical designers and providing strategic brand guidance has allowed me to foster long-term client relationships and deliver superior web experiences. ◆ Translated business goals into compelling user experiences by designing intuitive interfaces and optimized workflows to boost user engagement and retention. ◆ Assisted less-technical designers in the development and management of internationalized sites by extending CodeIgniter (PHP) to include automatic form generation and a component-based template system to simplify and standardize work across multiple projects. ◆ Aligned the brand strategy and content with business goals by analyzing competitors, market trends and unique selling points to ensure the appropriate messaging reaches the target audience. ◆ Coached clients during the setup or migration of websites, e-commerce, and e-learning projects by suggesting existing platforms (e.g. WordPress), plugins (e.g. WooCommerce) and a curated selection of starting templates to reduce the upfront cost and expedite feedback. ◆ Continued to grow with clients by vetting subject-matter experts to write content for natural SEO and search engine marketers to run ad campaigns to promote the visibility of websites and products.

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CEGEP - John Abbott College

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