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Creating Dashboards in Tableau

Dashboards are a must-have in a data-driven world. Increase your impact on business performance with Tableau dashboards.

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Course Description

Dashboards are a must-have tool in today’s data-driven world. By combining curated data visualizations, dashboards allow users to interpret and ask their own questions of data. By reducing the time to insight and empowering business analysts, dashboards can have a big impact on business performance.

Tableau's dashboarding abilities are powerful and easy to use. In this course, you'll learn to apply dashboard-composition best practices, add interactive or explanatory elements, and use dashboard actions to make your dashboard interactive. Additionally, you'll learn to modify an existing dashboard layout for mobile devices to share as an image or a PDF. Finally, you'll learn how to share your data story through Tableau's story functionality.

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    Getting Started With Dashboards


    Learn the best practices to creating your own Tableau dashboard. You'll iteratively improve the dashboard with the use of dashboard objects like containers and dashboard actions, which add interactivity.

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    Creating dashboards
    50 xp
    The value of dashboards
    100 xp
    Getting started
    50 xp
    Building a simple dashboard
    100 xp
    Improving your dashboard
    100 xp
    Including user KPIs in the dashboard
    100 xp
    Adding elements to the dashboard
    50 xp
    Annotating your dashboard
    100 xp
    Using a dynamic title
    100 xp
    Dashboard objects and actions
    50 xp
    Dashboard object or action?
    100 xp
    Working with containers
    50 xp
    Layout with containers
    100 xp
    Cleaning up the legend
    100 xp
    Dashboard interactivity
    50 xp
    Applying filters to worksheets
    100 xp
    Updating the tooltip
    100 xp
    Putting it all together
    100 xp

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