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Steven Tran

Steven Tran


JAMP Pharma Group | Canada, Montreal


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Introduction to DAX in Power BI

My New Course

Introduction to Power BI

Numbers enthusiast, translating data into meaningful insights.

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Introduction to Power BI


Introduction to DAX in Power BI


Introduction to ChatGPT

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JAMP Pharma Group | Jul 2022 - Present

Specialist - Institutional Division

OPTIMIZING PROCESSES ➤ Implement guidelines for document naming conventions, folder structures, and version control ➤ Introduce automation tools (Planner & Power Automate) and techniques that reduce manual errors and increase process efficiency COORDINATION ➤ Develop and implement project management methods and tools to optimize resource allocation, reduce project timelines, and improve project outcomes BIDDING PROCESS ➤ Support the contract manager by maintaining accurate records and effective communication of agreed-upon contract terms to the relevant teams ➤ Consolidate a database with various sources, such as product specifications, IQVIA data, and information from group purchasing organizations (GPO) and distributors, in order to prepare submissions DATA MANAGEMENT ➤ Conduct data analysis and created data visualizations to support business decision-making and inform strategic planning ➤ Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify data requirements and ensure that data is collected, stored, and analyzed in accordance with best practices DATA ANALYTICS ➤ Utilize Power BI and Excel to transform raw data into visually appealing and interactive dashboards for effective data analysis ➤ Perform in-depth data exploration and trend analysis, enabling data-driven decision-making and providing strategic insights DRUG SHORTAGES MONITORING ➤ Monitor JAMP Pharma products and matching competitor products for opportunities, such as alternative supplier and negotiations ➤ Communicate relevant back-orders by evaluating competitors, market shares and pricing through IQVIA’s database platform TOOLS ➤ Create Power BI dashboards that : - Extract data from Health Canada DPD and Drug Shortages Canada - Evaluate on/off-contract transactions to provide performance insights - Automate the creation of sales and rebate reports to be provided to the GPO - Conduct an analysis of available inventory and estimated quantities to ensure efficient fulfillment of contract terms
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Teva Canada | Sep 2021 - Apr 2022

Market Access Intern

PRODUCT MONITORING ➤ Monitor Teva's products (and competitors) in the areas of migraine and biosimilars — Health Canada, HTA agencies (CADTH, INESSS, etc.), pCPA, public/private listings, and others ➤ Inform new product submissions, Notice of Compliance, HTA key milestones, policy changes, and relevant news ➤ Keep track of public formulary updates and private reimbursement forms for criteria changes ➤ Adept in using IQVIA''s database platform for public listing and price monitoring REIMBURSEMENT PROCESS ➤ Assist with submission requirements for CADTH/INESSS and redact reports ➤ Review product price changes with PMPRB guidelines ➤ Develop slide decks to forecast upcoming changes for CADTH and pCPA SUPPORT ➤ Assist the team in reviewing pharmacoeconomic studies and submissions ➤ Provide supporting documentation for different projects ➤ Translate documents for internal distribution OPTIMIZING PROCESSES ➤ Develop documentation Word templates to standardize the presentation of information ➤ Include new features on Excel product trackers, such as filters and a data entry form ➤ Create a product timeline tracker for project management (CADTH & INESSS automated milestones) TEAM UPDATES ➤ Notify the Market Access team of relevant news, such as policy changes, price updates, and new listing or eligibility criteria changes for a product ➤ Participate and summarize CADTH's information sessions into a shareable document

Purple Squirrel Economics | Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

Student Intern in the Value Communication Team

SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION ➤ Summarize information into clear and concise presentation slide decks for the Value Communication team PUBLISHING IN SCIENCE ➤ Research optimal journals and conferences for publishing scientific manuscripts or abstracts ➤ Comprehend the publishing process of scientific manuscripts and the topic of predatory awareness OPTIMIZING PROCESSES ➤ Self-taught on the use of Visual Basic Application (VBA) in Excel to create a user form for guidance and data entry ➤ Develop guidance in decision making when submitting HTA evidence to publishing journals and suitable conferences ➤ Optimize data entry of relevant journals and conferences with decision- making key factors into an Excel file for consulting

Centre de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM) | Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

Concierge class III

RESPONSIBILITY ➤ Keep the premises clean and in good condition at the school

Collège de Maisonneuve | Sep 2016 - Jun 2017

Science Tutor for École des Grands

COORDINATION ➤ Prepare and plan scientific activities ➤ Create simple visual presentation in PowerPoint INTERPERSONAL ➤ Animate the group of elementary students and foster an interest for science ➤ Host the group with a warm welcome to the laboratory classroom

Les Pousses urbaines | Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Apprentice Horticulturist

➤ Maintain ecological assets ➤ Landscape green areas

My Education

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Master's degree, Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversité de Montréal | 2022
Specialized Graduate Diploma in Drug Development, Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversité de Montréal | 2021
Bachelor of Science, Biopharmaceutical SciencesUniversité de Montréal | 2020
Double DEC (Life Sciences & Human Sciences)Collège de Maisonneuve | 2017
High School Diploma, Natural SciencesJoseph-François-Perrault Highschool | 2014

About Me

Steven Tran

I am an open-minded and goal-driven person, working as a Specialist with the Institutional Division at JAMP Pharma Group. I became passionate about data science as I currently work with Power BI doing data analysis and visualization.

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