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Faith Pack

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

NHS Management, LLC | Alabama


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Data visionary, envisioning a future transformed by the power of information.

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PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions


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Intermediate Python

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Coursera Google Data Analytics

Atlassian Confluence Fundamentals

Atlassian Jira Fundamentals

Atlassian Jira Service Management Fundamentals

Microsoft MS Certified Data Analyst (PL-300)

Alabama State Department of Education Secondary Mathematics Educator

LinkedIn SQL Data Reporting and Analysis

LinkedIn SQL Programming

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McLeod Software | Mar 2022 - Jul 2023

Enterprise Analytics Manager

Coordinating all corporate-wide efforts for internal reporting, deployment, and use of connected data sources in the development of enterprise data models, governance, analysis, and designing understandable and actionable dashboards, using Power BI, R/R Studio, Excel, and Tableau, for internal stakeholders and management are critical responsibilities of this position. Ensuring team engagement through effective communication, collaboration, and scrum is the foundation for success in this role. •Developed and implemented enterprise data governance policies to control access and increase data and system integrity, reliability, and availability •Increased sales by 25% after developing and deploying a customer similarity model that ranks prospects according to how well they “fit” •Identified, analyzed, and interpreted data from multiple sources, using Excel, Power BI, and R to increase the effective rate per hour to $250 for all Help Desk/Lifecycle Agreement contracts •Produced executive analytical reports using data visualization techniques through Power BI and RStudio •Managed a cross-functional team of six formed of data analysts, architects, and BI developers for enterprise analytics •Developed and implemented enterprise OKRs aligned to company business goals making these available for all levels of management for the first time, prompting conversations and data-driven decisions •Interpreted data, analyzed results using statistical techniques, and provided ongoing reports using SQL, R, Power BI, and Excel •Developed and implemented databases, data collection systems, data analytics, and other strategies that optimized statistical efficiency and quality using SQL Server and Azure •Collaborated with executive staff to prioritize business and information needs resulting in unified data reporting •Located and defined new process improvement opportunities leading to increased data integrity, completeness, and efficiency
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Divurgent | Aug 2021 - Feb 2022

Financial Data & Reporting Analyst

Data analysis and designing understandable and actionable dashboards, using Power BI and DOMO, for internal stakeholders and management were the foundational duties of this role. Tools used to compile data for analysis and visualization included SSMS, R/RStudio, SSIS, Visual Studio Code, Azure SQL database and EDW, Excel with Power Query, and Google Data Studio. •Performed in-depth data analysis using R/RStudio and SQL to facilitate strategic decision-making for management •Analyzed marketing efforts for brand promotion through conventional(email) and non-conventional (digital) marketing •Built trend analysis models to watch profit and loss, gross margin, A/R aging, and sales revenue forecasting to guide strategic planning across the organization •Managed a team of six responsible for gathering periodic and ad-hoc reporting requirements for internal and external stakeholders •Established and implemented KPIs to measure company performance in Revenue, COGS, Expenses, Net Income, Sales Revenue, Actual vs. Budget, and Cash Flow •Conducted business requirement analysis for multiple projects leading to resource optimization •Developed corporate data governance policy, procedures, and implementation processes •Analyzed and communicated reporting results to stakeholders, making recommended courses of action •Designed ETL processes to migrate and transform data from Salesforce, Paycom, and QuickBooks in an Azure SQL enterprise data warehouse •Merged and transformed data from QuickBooks, Paycom, and Salesforce using Excel functions (X-Lookup, V-Lookup, PowerPivot, and Power Query) •Oversaw sales pipeline beginning with marketing/lead acquisition up to deal closing utilizing KPIs from different channels (Google AdWords, Google Analytics Tools, and Social Media efforts)

ProcessBarron | Aug 2017 - Aug 2021

Data Analyst

Accurately communicating and visualizing the data insights derived through data analysis was my primary goal in this position, as an advanced user of specific data analysis tools, including MS SQL Server, SSMS, SSAS, R/ RStudio, Python, MS Excel, MS Power BI, DOMO, and Google Data Studio. The ability to mine data from multiple sources, Salesforce, MS Dynamics GP 2018, and a central EDW, is crucial in presenting an exact snapshot of performance in KPIs. Team leader who supports growth opportunities of team members to drive a culture that values creative problem-solving, collaboration, and communication leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Being an effective communicator is crucial to all stages of the analytical process. •Saved $145,000+/month in subcontracting and overtime costs by integrating data from Salesforce and MS GP Dynamics to analyze quotes, bookings, backlog, and shop capacity/person-hours •Designed, built, and deployed Domo self-service data dashboards reporting the KPIs of overall corporate performance, sales, accounting, manufacturing, and supply chain •Increased On Time Delivery performance from 71% to 82%, exceeding target KPI goal, using Gap Analysis to supply insights •Saved ~$132,000+ in raw material procurement costs using forecasting, in RStudio, allowed buying ahead of predicted price increases •Team leader in GIS mapping project incorporating customer location, plant location, and sales order amount used to target sales opportunities using ESRI GIS •Presented to executive stakeholders highlighting insights and providing recommendations for strategic data-driven decisions •Developed and delivered training for MS Dynamics GP, after implementation, increasing data quality and integrity •Developed and delivered training for MS 365, MS Teams, MS SharePoint, and MS Project, increasing employee engagement of remote and on-premises employees

Shelby County Board of Education | May 2006 - Mar 2017

District Student Information Data Manager

Managing the records of more than 32,000 students, I carefully monitored their demographics, enrollment history, health, grades, and transcripts. I took on diverse roles to fulfill the district's needs, using my strong leadership, management, and problem-solving skills. Success relied heavily on teamwork, cooperation, and communication, with crucial decisions based on the data I managed. My proficiency in these areas ensured outstanding results in this position. •Project Manager for the implementation process and data migration for the newly adopted Student Information System (INOW, now PowerSchool) •Designed processes to increase data quality, validation, and integrity for delivering error-free system-wide reporting to the State Board of Education •Created original SQL Queries, stored procedures, data views, and triggers using SSMS to supply real-time data reports to stakeholders •Project manager for the creation of GIS (ESRI) map to plot current student data (location and key demographics) to use in student enrollment trends, future school sites, and improving transportation model •Lead staff development for educators in the use of ESRI ArcGIS for classroom use with students •Utilized a help-desk approach, using Zendesk, to support district-wide staff in the user interface of the state-adopted Student Information System (SIS) •Conducted monthly SIS user group meetings for training and standard procedures •Conducted "just in time" training plan to support current and future projects •Team leader for the system-wide data dashboard for all levels of district stakeholders; Used Power BI (2011) to create a real-time "scorecard" that included KPIs leading to insightful data-driven decisions •Managed athlete eligibility status for school athletic directors •Project lead for the implementation process of adopted e-transcripts software •Leader for conversion to Google Groups for school listserv communications •High School computer science instructor for JavaScript

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Master of Science - MS, Mathematics in MathematicsUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham | 1997
Bachelor of Science - BS, Mathematics with Education Certification  · (AugustThe University of Alabama | 1991

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Faith Pack

Certified Analytics Professional | Data Storyteller | Passionate Life-Long Learner | Data and Tech Tool Junkie | Champion of Women in Technology

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