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PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions

Learn how to create queries for analytics and data engineering with window functions, the SQL secret weapon!

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Course Description

Have you ever wondered how data professionals use SQL to solve real-world business problems, like generating rankings, calculating moving averages and running totals, deduplicating data, or performing time intelligence? If you already know how to select, filter, order, join and group data with SQL, this course is your next step. By the end, you will be writing queries like a pro! You will learn how to create queries for analytics and data engineering with window functions, the SQL secret weapon! Using flights data, you will discover how simple it is to use window functions, and how flexible and efficient they are.

  1. 1

    Introduction to window functions


    In this chapter, you'll learn what window functions are, and the two basic window function subclauses, ORDER BY and PARTITION BY.

  2. Fetching, ranking, and paging

    In this chapter, you'll learn three practical applications of window functions: fetching values from different parts of the table, ranking rows according to their values, and binning rows into different tables.

  3. Aggregate window functions and frames

    In this chapter, you'll learn how to use aggregate functions you're familiar with, like `AVG()` and `SUM()`, as window functions, as well as how to define frames to change a window function's output.

  4. Beyond window functions

    In this last chapter, you'll learn some techniques and functions that are useful when used together with window functions.

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