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Vincent Suhardi

Vincent Suhardi


Universitas Indonesia


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Data Manipulation with pandas

Problem-solving virtuoso, decoding complexity with a data-driven approach.

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Joining Data with pandas


Introduction to Tableau

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Kaggle Intro to Deep Learning

Kaggle Computer Vision

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My Work Experience

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Google Developer Student Club Universitas Indonesia | May 2023 - Jul 2023

Super Member of Data Science

- Equipped myself with comprehensive data science fundamentals, encompassing essential skills in data visualization and proficiently applying machine learning modeling techniques to effectively analyze and data problems. - Engaged in an immersive experience at tiket.com, a dynamic startup, gaining invaluable insights about what data scientists do in a startup environment.
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ARKAVIDIA | Feb 2023 - Feb 2023

Data Science Bootcamp Member

Arkavidia 8.0 is an IT event held by one of the most prodigious universities in Indonesia, ITB. This event's goal is to train and teach its participants to be more aware of how important the digital world is and how their roles are essential. - Devised a project and business idea that implement statistical, machine learning, and other data science techniques to solve problems. - Presenting technical information and findings in an accessible and compelling manner.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, Management Information Systems, General  · (AugustUniversity of Indonesia | 2026
Natural SciencesSMAS Gandhi Ancol | 2022

About Me

Vincent Suhardi

A technology enthusiast strongly seeking knowledge in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science through self-exploring and feedback learning throughout communities. To learn something out of your league, start small and then win big.

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