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Vitaliy Machok

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Brainly | Jan 2022 - Present

Senior Data Analyst - Core Web Experience

- Acting as analytics web domain expert through performing complex analysis of the user behaviour with the purpose of improving product performance. Tools used: SQL (redshift), BigQuery, Tableau, Looker Studio, Python, Amplitude Analytics, Google Analytics, Snowflake - Leading company's key projects from data analytics perspective - full set up of the web analytics tool (GA4 + Amplitude Analytics): from data collection (GTM) to constructing personalised visualisations for key stakeholders. - Leading A/B test conduction by: + Identifying crucial KPI's to be analysed in the test. + Formulating relevant hypotheses based on the identified metrics. + Assessing the expected impact on the business and estimating the time frames for testing. + Collaborating with designers, developers, and project managers to run comprehensive tests. + Analysing raw data from the tests and utilising data visualisation techniques. + Preparing actionable recommendations for the business based on the test results. - Suggesting and implementing improvements in data collection to enhance analytics set up that allowed to conduct deeper data analysis. - Onboarding new team members through providing necessary training and acting as a “buddy” for recently joint data analysts. - Responsible for developing custom and automated dashboards to deliver comprehensive daily and weekly reports to key stakeholders (including EMT) regarding crucial web KPI's. - Collaboration with the product managers, design and development teams in product development stage. - Agile working environment (Scrum)
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Vueling Airlines | Mar 2021 - Jan 2022

Senior Data Analyst - Digital and Web Analytics

- Analyzing all digital channels performance, creating insightful analysis helping digital team to reach business goals and preparing findings and insights on the weekly basis for Senior Management Board. - Performing complex analysis of the web sales performance and consumer behaviour. Tools used: BigQuery, DataStudio, Tableau, SQL (redshift), Python, Google Analytics, Quatum Metric Adobe Analytics, SAP BI. - Responsible for company´s migration from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics: determination of the business´s needs, roadmap planning of the key milestones and resources, continuous reporting to the management board and key stakeholders. - Implementation of Custom Variables and Custom Events through GTM and mapping them to DataLayer and Google Analytics. - Leading A/B data tests by defining crucial KPI's, sample volumes, test length and reporting results. - Participating in Vueling Data Lab, collaborated with the Business, Data and IT department to complete ambitious projects of the company. - Coordinating with external service providers representing company´s interests by leading various cross-department initiatives. - Owner of creating customised and automated dashboards to provide in depth daily and weekly reports to stakeholders of main digital key metrics. Ensure data integrity and proactively identify data and reporting issues as well as improvement opportunities.

Vueling Airlines | Jan 2020 - Jan 2021

Senior Data Analyst - Revenue Management

Capacity Adjustment, Price Optimization and Special Events Revenue Opportunities. - RoadMap planning of different initiatives, resources and timelines. - Change and risk management, ability to adapt and foresee/plan for uncertainty. - Prepared dashboards, analyzed KPIs, conducted deeper data analysis and reported insights & recommendations to the stakeholders. (Tools used: SQL (redshift), Alteryx, Excel, and Tableau). - Worked with Big Data, Digital Data and Transaction Data. - Constantly engage with Data and IT to make sure priorities are aligned and focus is kept. - Business cases development, profit, financial KPIs and market share estimation. - Able to present complex problems in simple ways to a non-technical and/or senior audience.

Vueling Airlines | Jan 2018 - Jan 2020

Data Analyst - Revenue Management

Responsible of UK market (price and strategy optimization of over 35 routes). In particular: • Manage seat inventory using forecasting models combined with recent data trends and knowledge of market behavior. • Work closely with the pricing team to determine optimal price structures according to the competitive environment. • Analyze market dynamics and competitor's behaviors to implement inventory control strategies to maximize revenues. • Realize comprehensive analysis on the route performance and provide constructive feedback to the management board. • Perform analysis of the current and future trends and define crucial KPI´s to minimize potential threat and seize revenue opportunities. • Work closely with the System team to propose decision tools improvements and define new needs with objective of revenue maximization.

Vueling Airlines | Jan 2017 - Jan 2018

Junior Data Analyst - Revenue Management


BergHOFF Worldwide | Jan 2017 - Jan 2017

Junior Economist

Performing financial analysis of the potential company´s decisions. In particular, I was dealing with the following tasks: -Evaluating optimal price for the product, taking into account consumer purchasing power and company´s commercial interest; -Analyzing contribution margins and ensuring they are met with company´s strategy; -Forecasting a potential sales volume on the basis of the financial analysis performed; -Helping to define budgets, price lists and orders.

My Education

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Master's degree, Direccion FinancieraESERP | 2019
Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA, Administración y gestión de empresas, generalEU Business School | 2017
Bachelor's degree, Negocios internacionalesUniversity of Derby | 2017

About Me

Vitaliy Machok

Skilled, motivated and responsible Data Analyst with 5-year professional experience in analysing operational environment with a purpose of driving successful business solutions. Proficient knowledge in data analysis, statistics and mathematics. Seeki

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