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Zhengda Jia

Zhengda Jia


PhD Student

Durham University


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Python Fundamentals

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Introduction to Python

An Experienced Accounting and Finance Analyst, but a Beginner of Data Scientist and Machine Learning.

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Data Manipulation with pandas


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

My Certifications

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Data Analyst


Data Scientist


Data Engineer


Data Analyst


Other Certificates

GARP FRM Program Certified Financial Risk Manager

IMA | Institute of Management Accountants Certified Management Accountant

The Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants Certified Public Accountant

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My Work Experience

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Guosen Securities | Jul 2022 - Dec 2022

Institutional Project Manager

Duties: designed and implemented Share-based Compensation plans such as stock options and ESOP for clients; look for prospective clients and provide services to match customer demand. - Internal Processes Building: built the internal processes of the Share-based Compensation plans from scratch for our team, including sorting and summary of relevant laws and regulations, the implementation flow diagram for a Stock- based Compensation plan, and the necessary workpaper and disclosure document templates. - Programming and Model Building: built the valuation model and the amortization form using Python software to automatically capture data from Wind and then calculate and output the fair value of the chosen incentive tools, accounting cost and amortization, which greatly improved work efficiency. - Customer Service: participated in the full cycle service of a Stock-based Compensation plan, including the initial communication, due diligence and diagnosis, business plan writing, and the subsequent implementation; completed the project presentation and diagnosis, financial analysis, valuation, and cost forecasting for two listed firms.
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GeneTalks Biotechnology Co., Ltd. | Jan 2015 - May 2018


Duties: built accounting and finance team as part of the founding team of the start-up, responsible for preparation of financial statements, budgeting, cost and tax management, financial analysis, and internal process optimisation. - Financial Analysis: compiled financial statements, built financial analysis systems such as DuPont analysis and common-size analysis, and provided financial and operational analysis reports for the management. - Cost Management: calculated, analysed, forecasted and managed cost of production, collected and sorted out cost data in a multi-dimensional and all-round way; improved the product BOM and the accuracy of standard costing through variance and cost driver analyses, and supported budget control; based on ABC accounting, eliminated non-value-added activities, and improved value-added activities for cost reduction and efficiency improvement. - Process Optimisation: built internal processes from scratch for purchasing and payables, sales and receivables, production and inventory, including the calculation and revision of EOQ, safety stock, and ROP; took the initiative of internal process optimisation, improved the collection, tracking and risk monitoring of internal supply chain data, and continuously optimised the processes and reduced risk based on value chain analysis. - Budgeting: built budget processes from the ground up as part of the budget management team, classified the cost and expenses according to the cost behaviour, prepared the annual budget of purchase and production departments and monitored their implementation, combined the results of variance analysis with an understanding of these two departments to improve budgeting and operational efficiency. - Tax Management: adjusted book-tax differences and made various tax declarations timely and accurately; combined the analysis of tax burden with an understanding of the tax laws and tax preferential policies to help the company enjoy tax preferences and making tax planning.

Deheng Joint Accounting Firm (General Partnership) | Jun 2013 - Dec 2014


Duties: assisted the project manager to carry out the on-site audit, compiled more than ten capital verification reports independently, and engaged in and completed more than five audit projects and more than two tax assurance projects. - Audit and Assurance Implementation: audited annual financial statements of corporations, conducted revenue analysis, receivable confirmation and analysis, bank confirmation letter, data collecting and analysis, and such paperwork as compiling reports and archiving workpapers; participated in tax assurance projects as income tax deductions for asset losses, reviewed materials provided by clients and ensured that they are complete, accurate, legal and compliant with regulatory requirements. - Report Preparation: conducted capital verification projects and compiled reports independently; fulfilled data summary and compilation of relevant parts of audit and tax assurance reports. - Customer Service: maintained a good long-term relationship with existing clients such as banks and private firms and acted as a salesman to identify opportunities with prospective clients.

My Education

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PhD in FinanceDurham University | 2026
Master of Science in Finance and InvestmentDurham University | 2022
Bachelor's degree in Chemical EngineeringQilu University of Technology | 2013

About Me

Zhengda Jia

I am a proactive and highly committed person with diverse educational background and professional experience in Accounting and Finance. My passion is to combine business and technology to help organizations to achieve better development.

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