Greg Thatcher

Greg Thatcher

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Greg's Topics

  • Programming

    32700/57500 XP

    Intro to Python for Data Science Introduction to R Intermediate R Intermediate Python for Data Science Writing Functions in R
  • Importing & Cleaning Data

    10650/35950 XP

    Cleaning Data in R Importing Data Into R
  • Data Manipulation

    10640/42450 XP

    Data Manipulation in R with dplyr Data Analysis in R, the data.table Way Manipulating Time Series Data in R with xts & zoo
  • Data Visualization

    5250/51200 XP

    Data Visualization with ggplot2 (Part 1)
  • Probability & Statistics

    8370/57500 XP

    Introduction to Time Series Analysis Statistical Modeling in R (Part 1) Intro to Statistics with R: Introduction
  • Machine Learning

    15400/32300 XP

    Introduction to Machine Learning Machine Learning Toolbox
  • Applied Finance

    4000/39650 XP

    Credit Risk Modeling in R
  • Reporting

    0/2550 XP

  • Case Studies

    16950/38650 XP

    Importing & Cleaning Data in R: Case Studies Exploratory Data Analysis in R: Case Study Exploring Pitch Data with R
  • Other

    4800/16800 XP

    Intermediate R - Practice

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