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DataCamp Workspace

Practice writing code, apply your skills and create a data science portfolio

Get hands-on coding experience and gain job-ready data skills—without ever leaving your browser.

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With access to ready to analyze datasets and a dedicated integrated development environment (IDE), build out your data science portfolio and share your data insights.

Workspace supports R and Python, with SQL support coming soon and is available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

What is DataCamp Workspace?

Workspace is an online IDE which allows you to write code, analyze data, and share your data insights. Workspace comes with ready-to-use data sets to analyze, making it the perfect tool to go from learning data science to doing data science.

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Ready-to-use datasets

There are 20+ preloaded datasets for you to analyze on Workspace. Plus, with access to pre-written code through our recipe and playbook templates, you can instantly build your analyses.

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Create a shareable data science portfolio

All your published workspaces can be shown off on your DataCamp profile. Simply share the link to your DataCamp profile for colleagues and potentials employers to take a look at your published work.

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Showcase your analyses with captivating data visualizations

Communicate your insights with easy-to-interpret visuals. Whether you’re looking to create bar charts or multi-dimensional time series plots, Workspace has you covered. Workspace supports all Python visualization libraries.

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Share and collaborate on your work

Through our one-click publishing tool, easily share your data science projects while staying in control of who gets to see them. Plus, with our commenting feature, we take collaborating with your peers to the next level.

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Analyze your existing data

Seamlessly and securely analyze your existing data through our pre-built data connectors.

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Keeping your data science notebooks secure

Protecting your datasets and data science notebooks is one of our most important priorities. DataCamp is ISO 27001:2017 certified and implements safeguards to secure all your data science work. For more information on our security procedures click here.

Coming soon

Collaborate on data science notebooks

Commenting on notebooks is just the beginning. Like learning data science, doing data science should be easy and collaborative. We're currently building new features that will make it even easier for data teams to collaborate and share insights.

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To learn more about how DataCamp is changing the way we do data science, check out this blog post from our CEO Jonathan Cornelissen, who shares his vision for DataCamp Workspace.

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‘‘Through Workspace, I've been able to apply my learnings and take my skills to the next level.’’

Sanjay N, Computer Science Student

Explore analyses published by our learners

People playing basketball

NBA Shooting Data

This dataset consists of the analysis of four NBA players, and their results in the NBA playoffs.

Juan Araujo Headshot
Juan Araujo
Screenshot of a line chart

What's in a name

Explore a dataset to see baby name trends in the U.S. over the past 100 years and identify which are the most popular names

Ramnath Vaidyanathan Headshot
Ramnath Vaidyanathan
Photo of a building

Education Inequality Project

This project seeks to find whether and how socioeconomic factors affect U.S. high school performances on the ACT or SAT exams.

Richard Pallangyo Headshot
Richard Pallangyo
Screenshot of heat distribution

Heat Distribution in Petri Dish Heater

This is a visualization of the experimental and simulated values of the temperature in the centre of a homemade Petri dish heater.

Jorge Rodríguez Ramos Headshot
Jorge Rodríguez Ramos
Person washing hands

Water Quality

This project investigates whether we can predict if a household switches wells based on environmental variables (i.e. arsenic levels)

Richard Pallangyo Headshot
Richard Pallangyo
Screenshot of data visualization

Data Visualization in Python

This publication covers different ways to visualize data in Python.

Ramnath Vaidyanathan Headshot
Ramnath Vaidyanathan
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pallangyo Headshot

‘‘The ability to create a portfolio was the biggest advantage of using Workspace.’’

Richard Pallangyo, Data Science Enthusiast

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ramos Headshot

‘‘How amazing is it that through Workspace, you can share your data insights with one simple click’’

Rodriguez Ramos, Post Doctoral Researcher


Practice writing code, apply your skills and share your insights — without ever leaving your browser.

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