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Discover and share data insights effortlessly

Workspace is a modern data science notebook for analyzing data, collaborating with others, and sharing insights—no installation required.

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A cloud-based notebook that just works

Do your best data work in Workspace

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Workspace removes the traditional barriers to data analysis

  • No installation required

    Access everything in-browser, skipping all set-up time required for other notebooks

  • Built-in datasets

    Discover multiple built-in datasets available for instant use

  • Pre-built templates

    Give yourself a head start with multiple templates with pre-written code

All skill levels welcome

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or writing your first lines of code, Workspace empowers everyone to work with data

  • Use low and no-code tools

    Create stunning reports and visualizations with minimal effort or technical ability

  • Participate in code-alongs

    Need guidance? Follow along with an expert in live trainings

  • Explore others’ work

    Learn data science from the Workspace community

Feature-rich yet lightweight

Workspace packs powerful features into its editor to help you work faster and smarter, so you can focus on telling a data story.

  • Supports your favorite language

    Choose from Python or R, both with native SQL integrations

  • Pre-configured and pre-installed packages

    Maximize your time with the world’s most popular data science packages

  • Share your insights

    Share and publish workspaces with just one click

A data science notebook designed for limitless possibilities

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Uncover hidden trends
Create stunning data visualizations
Build a data science portfolio
Experiment with code
Complete projects with DataCamp
Collaborate with teammates
Participate in competitions
Learn from others’ work
Publish insights with one click
Ask and answer questions
Work more efficiently
Discover insights and take action
Get closer to your data

How will you use Workspace?

Whether you’re working alone or in a team, Workspace helps you uncover data insights quickly.

Leveling up my data skills

Advance your career in data with Workspace, a modern data notebook built for professional and upcoming data scientists and analysts.

Collaborating with a team

Your team's work, all in one place—designed for effortless collaboration between teammates.

Enhancing organizational learning

Maximize your team’s learning. Workspace helps your team transition from learning to doing data science.

What people are saying about Workspace

Picture of Sanjay N

Through Workspace, I’ve been able to apply my learnings and take my skills to the next level.

Sanjay N
Computer Science Student
Picture of Richard Pallangyo

The ability to create a portfolio was the biggest advantage of using Workspace.

Richard Pallangyo
Data Science Enthusiast
Picture of Rodriguez Ramos

How amazing is it that through Workspace, you can share your data insights with one simple click

Rodriguez Ramos
Post Doctoral Researcher
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Built with Workspace

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David Ugochukwu Asogwa


Start for free or choose a plan for every stage of your and your team’s data science journey.

Workspace Premium
For individuals
/month billed annually
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  • Unlimited private workspaces
  • 16GB RAM
  • 8 vCPUs
  • Restore versions up to 1 year
  • 2 hour inactivity timeout
  • Access databases via fixed IPs
Workspace Basic
Free basic hardware
FreeGet Started for Free
  • Unlimited public workspaces
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 vCPUs
  • Restore versions up to 7 days
  • 30 minute inactivity timeout
For teams of 2 and up
per user /month billed annually
Work Together
Everything in Premium plus
  • Unlimited team workspaces
  • Securely access your company’s data stores
  • Team activity reporting

For Organization Learning & Development

Maximize team learning with Workspace. It helps transition from learning to doing, and provides a safe sandbox for data experimentation.

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