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Marek Malý

Marek Malý

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Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

My New Course

Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in Python

My New Course

Machine Learning for Business

Data detective and data model trainer

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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office


What and Where are the World's Oldest Businesses


Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing


A Visual History of Nobel Prize Winners


Sleep Health and Lifestyle


Snoring Analysis


Predicting Credit Card Approvals


The Android App Market on Google Play

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IBM Python Data Science Program

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MND a.s. | Jan 2024 - Present

Data Scientist


Experimentador | Jan 2022 - Present

Data Scientist

Focused on Design of Experiments - statistical methodology based on planning and active learning - experimentation for the 21st century. I will taylor an experiment to your screening or optimization task at hand, enhancing your product, process or even computer simulation. I offer complex analysis of your data including appealing visualizations and machine learning algorithms.
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Vinolok | May 2017 - Aug 2023

Innovation Specialist

I worked at Vinolok which is world-wide unique producer of glass closures for wines, spirits, bottled water and oils. My responsibility was development of the sealing ring. I lead the whole project and collaborated with experts from various fields. I performed testing of new prototypes. After huge effort I developed functional prototype of the sealing ring which has universal sealing ability for all bottleneck profiles. I used Machine Learning and Data Science techniques in this project. I reported results directly to board of directors. Additionaly, I designed tests also for new closure decorations and packaging materials. I provided technical support to customers and guided international partners through the production. I also lead autonomous team which was solving projects towards enhanced sustainability.

Zentiva | Nov 2014 - Apr 2017

Trainee Technologist

I was a trainee at the Production Department of Solid Dosage Forms and later I worked at the Production Department of Highly Potent Drugs. I also experienced short-term rotations in various departments such as Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Process Development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. - I was creating and administrating documentation such as standard operating procedures or batch records with reference to Good Manufacturing Practise - I was part of trouble-shooting team within the technological field - I was participating in projects of setting new technologies into the production plant - I was optimizing the production by applying LEAN culture and tools

Bio Pappel SAB de CV | Jul 2016 - Sep 2016

Trainee in Quality Control

I attended practical training in Centauro plant provided by IAESTE exchange programme. Bio Pappel is the biggest producer of paper in Latin America. I experienced short-term rotations in various departments like: reception of the fibers, purifying of pulp, process control, production of the kraft paper. I created regulatory documentation for specific laboratory tests in both English and Spanish. Most of the time I used to working in the laboratory of Quality Control, where I was testing samples of paper coming from the production in various exams such as: - testing of refined pulp for freeness - clasification of pulp by length of fibers - Cobb test for absorption of water - ring crush test and CMT - Scott-Bond test - Mullen test - test for rip and tensile strength - tonality of colors - porosity

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Bachelor’s Degree, Technical Teacher TrainingUniversity of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UCT Prague) | 2017
Master’s Degree, Technology of Organic Compounds and Chemical SpecialtiesUniversity of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UCT Prague) | 2015
Product and Process Design Concepts in (Bio)Chemical IndustriesTechnische Universiteit Delft | 2014
Chemical EngineeringUniversitat Politècnica de València (UPV) | 2014
Bachelor’s Degree, Chemistry and Chemical TechnologiesUniversity of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UCT Prague) | 2013

About Me

Marek Malý

I am passionate about innovation and discovery through experimentation and statistical methods like Design of Experiments, Data Science, Machine Learning algorithms. I experience flow while analyzing data and searching for patterns.

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